Hello, World – Joey’s Here!

Hi, everyone! My name is Joey,
and I’m the newest addition to Jennifer’s extended family.

happiness is a warm kitten

Being Jennifer’s grand-kitten and knowing how much she loves all things feline, I happily agreed to visit her blog today.

Here I am getting acquainted with Ginger, my new big sister. At first she was a little standoff-ish, but she is warming up to me now. I catch her gazing at me often, like she’s trying to figure me out.

I also catch her sleeping in the little bed my human sister made for me. That’s okay though, because my favourite place to sleep is on a cuddly lap.

Here, I’m enjoying a wee cat nap at the summer-house in Lead Cove.
Such a rough life it’s going to be. . . *sigh*

Thanks for dropping by to meet me, peeps and pets.

I leave you with my favourite quote:

“The smallest feline is a masterpiece.”
– Leonardo da Vinci

Bye for now!

Photo credits: Jennifer took the one in the tiger-print blanket. Joey’s new mom Denise took the rest. 

35 thoughts on “Hello, World – Joey’s Here!

  1. Ahh…Joey is beyond cute!! 😀The one with him wrapped in the blankets is adorable – I bet your household doesn’t look at much else or talk about much else apart from Joey! Cuddles to your little new family member…wish I could deliver them in person! 😀❤️

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  2. My silly doggie, Pistol, (so named because he’s a real pistol,) says he wishes he could visit with your cute little grand-kitty and her sister. He likes felines and understands they’re the bosses of humans and canines.

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