Hello, World – Joey’s Here!

Hi, everyone! My name is Joey,
and I’m the newest addition to Jennifer’s extended family.

happiness is a warm kitten

Being Jennifer’s grand-kitten and knowing how much she loves all things feline, I happily agreed to visit her blog today.

Here I am getting acquainted with Ginger, my new big sister. At first she was a little standoff-ish, but she is warming up to me now. I catch her gazing at me often, like she’s trying to figure me out.

I also catch her sleeping in the little bed my human sister made for me. That’s okay though, because my favourite place to sleep is on a cuddly lap.

Here, I’m enjoying a wee cat nap at the summer-house in Lead Cove.
Such a rough life it’s going to be. . . *sigh*

Thanks for dropping by to meet me, peeps and pets.

I leave you with my favourite quote:

“The smallest feline is a masterpiece.”
– Leonardo da Vinci

Bye for now!

Photo credits: Jennifer took the one in the tiger-print blanket. Joey’s new mom Denise took the rest. 

Blogger Bouquet #39

blogger bouquet spring

Anyone who has followed my blog for even a short time knows how much I adore cats, and how much our two felines, Maisie and Vivian, mean to my man and me. So naturally I follow other blogs that feature articles on the love and care of our favourite animal.

The Blog Team at Katzenworld is one such wonderful site. Here’s a blurb from their About Page:

“We are a group of friends that are united by our passion for (you guessed it right!) CATS!
Because we loved reading about cats on the internet we were really keen on putting together a portal not just for our own cats but also as a one stop source on all things cats for our friends and fellow cat lovers.”

Because I read this local article yesterday about a surplus of kittens at the St. John’s animal shelter and a half-price sale on adoption, I thought what better article to share than the one below? I only wish I could take more of them into my home!

How to Prepare Your Home For a Cat or Kitten

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Have a purr-fect weekend, everyone!