A Newer Perspective by Vivian K. Perry

vivHappy 2015, lovely readers, bloggers, and my feline friends and fans. 

Vivian’s the name, for you newbies who haven’t had the pleasure of my sparkling company as of yet. I’ve returned to brighten things up in the blogosphere with another guest-host spot on Jennifer’s Journal. So take a break from struggling with your (ugh) resolutions for a few moments, and join me, won’t you?

My sister Maisie and I agreed to help show what is new and different in our world, specifically a nifty new camera to pose for since St. Nick dropped by last month. Jennifer hasn’t had time to learn all its functions yet, so she took these photos with the autofocus feature, just for a little test run.


Maisie hogged the limelight most of the time…


…but she did pose admirably and didn’t shy away, as she is wont to do.


Okay already! Now, what about moi??


Scenery? Is that necessary? Granted, the new camera does take nice shots – even through the kitchen window…


And naturally, Jennifer wants to show off her granddaughter’s new artwork, another of her treasured Christmas gifts.
(Yes, it’s her grandgirl’s birthday today too, so Happy Birthday, young lady! xox)

But what about me, and my joie de “Viv”?


Oh, come on, woman!
In what universe are a couple of ol’ ducks more photogenic than two purry Perrys?


Finally! { sigh} That’s a bit of an improvement.
But I know we can do better…



There! That’s it. Pixel Perfection.

Toodles, my darlings. Until we meet again…meow!


~This has been Vivian’s entry for The Daily Post Photo Challenge: “New”~

What’s “new” in your little corner of the world?  Maisie and Viv are all ears!


Cat Dreams

Good day, my friends and fellow felines. Vivian K. Perry here, returning as guest host on Jennifer’s Journal.

Jennifer caught me unawares one morning last week, indulging in a wonderfully delicious cat nap. These pics she took make me wonder: do humans dream the same as I do?



Jennifer says I get twitchy at times when I sleep, where my paws seem to act out the dream-movie playing in my head. In the dream-movie, I might be chasing a shrew or a mouse, or I could be trying to catch up to Paul on a walk.


I wonder, is it the cat version of REM sleep? Except it’s RPM sleep – short for “Rapid Paw Movement”?

 I think the camera captured me here resting up for another night of fun and frolic. While the weather is still mild, Maisie and I enjoy napping for most of the day, so we can return to our wild, nocturnal adventures as the moon rises and darkness descends…


 …then we pad back home at the break of dawn to stir the house with urgent meows and vibrating purrs.
Time to get up and fill our bowls, humans!



“How nice it is to think that feline dreams, like our own, are painted with creative brush strokes from time to time. Perhaps my cats and I even share the same dream…where every cat has a safe, warm place to sleep.” ~ Barbara L. Diamond

“I think we dream so we don’t have to be apart so long. If we’re in each other’s dreams, we can play together all night.” ~ Bill Watterson (Calvin & Hobbes)


Before I sign off of course, Jennifer insists I include a sleeping Maisie in my post:

Baby Maisie
Grown-up Maisie


Wishing you all – and my dear sister – the sweetest of dreams! ♥


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Greetings, humans! Maisie here, covering for Jennifer this week while she is away. My sister Vivian was eager to take over again, but Shy Little Me thought I would venture a few steps out of my comfort zone and host the blog for a change.


My sister and I had grown oh-so-bored with staying inside.

After the long, cold and snowy winter we endured in Canada this year, we are welcoming any signs of Spring with gratitude and huge sighs, or in our case,
purrs of relief.

When Vivian and I lived in the city four years ago, we had to content ourselves with the sighting of a robin or two in our backyard to let us know Spring had finally arrived.

Where we live now, there are many, many more signs to watch for and welcome. Not only fat robins with their red breasts, but birds of all kinds grace us with their presence, usually in pairs as they get ready for mating season.  And we eagerly await the arrival of the gannets in May, and arctic terns in June. There is something deeply comforting in seeing wildlife return, especially when you spy them huddled in twos, preening or foraging for food together here on Perry’s Point. The seagulls are here as always, dropping and breaking crabs and sea urchins open on the rocks. But now they are joined by a few saddleback gulls. Vivian even spotted a saucy mink the other day!

august 029

During the last few days, my sister and I have enthusiastically returned to the great outdoors.
So much to see, to smell, to hear and to taste.

august 061

 Vivian and I will stay outside almost all day when the summer gets here…

august 047

…just like last summer, and the summer before.


august 035

Life is good. 🙂

“I coulda hosted. It was my gig. Pfft!”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring!
What does Spring mean to you?

Guest Post: Vivian’s View from Here – Part III


Greetings to all,
Folks, Felines and otherwise!

It’s me, Vivian K. Perry, the shedding-est, purring-est, head-butting-est pussy cat in the land, and once again I am pleased and honoured to cover this evening’s blog post, here at Jennifer’s Journal.

We love to explore the Point
                            We love to explore our environment.

           Maisie and I have been enjoying a gorgeous sun-and-fun-filled summer here on Perry’s Point.

Jennifer is feeling a little under the weather as of late, but no worries, I’m sure she’ll bounce back to her old self, quicker than you can say meow. We’ll see to that.

Maisie LOVES the Outdoors
                          Maisie LOVES the Outdoors
                                    I adore soaking up morning rays on the deck.
                                  Gotta love the batman shadow.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
Nico & his "dad"
          Nico & his “dad”

We entertained visitors on several occasions, but stayed clear of that overgrown Golden Doodle, Nico, because he is simply too friendly in that annoyingly brash doggy way of his.

chowing down in a patch of sunlight
                                Maisie chowing down in a patch of sunlight

We did take a two week trip to St. John’s, but were oh-so grateful to return home to our walks along the coastline, relaxing sun baths,  hunting of tiny critters, and all that priceless freedom.

splendor in the grass
                                                      “splendor in the grass”

For those who don’t know how we got our names, here goes:  When Jennifer and her husband adopted us from the SPCA, the lovely staff had already named us Maggie and Storm. But our new staff thought they could do better.

Jennifer asked, “Do we know a couple of sisters who are always together?” After some brainstorming, Jennifer’s husband suggested the names of two of Jennifer’s aunts, who often spend time together. “Yes,” she squealed. “That’s perfect! I always liked their names as well, so Maisie and Vivian they will be.” And the aunts got a kick out of it too.

♥ 005


Come play with me?
                                            Come play with me?
Please rub my peach- patched chin?
Please rub my peach- patched chin?
Silent as a Sphinx
                         Silent as a Sphinx
Thank you being such gracious visitors, and don't be shy - I will be sure to pass on your comments. :)
How did you spend your summer? Thank you for being such gracious visitors, and don’t be shy – I will be sure to pass on your comments.

                                                                                Meow!  ♥

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Guest Post: Vivian’s View From Here – Part II


 I’m baaack!

Maisie, the shy one

Hello there, Peeps. Vivian K. Perry here, Jennifer’s (dare I say) favourite cat.  Just don’t tell my sister Maisie, capiche?

Jennifer asked me back to host her blog today, because she is a little bogged down writing an especially exciting chapter of her new novel.

Whatever! I was happy to oblige, nonetheless. This is my second time guest blogging on Jennifer’s Journal. If you’re interested, and I’m sure you are because I’m so cute, you can see my first post from last summer here.


Maisie and I do agree on one thing: we are getting bored with the cold weather. We miss the summer days of hunting little creatures, and basking in the sun. It is warming up a bit, but it’s still darn chilly on the paws most days.




So we while away the hours with our indoor activities.

Tucked away in the linen closet
Tucked away in the linen closet
Still looking pretty spiffy there, Alex
Still looking pretty spiffy there, Alex
Nice! A little something for my wish list.
Nice! But do they come with kitties on them?
Lying on legs, one  of our best loved pastimes
Lying on humans, one of our best-loved pastimes

Sometimes, we get on each other’s nerves, as sisters often do. I was thinking Maisie looked entirely too comfortable having our little house all to herself, so I had to act.

Minding her own business
Minding her own business
Want some company?
Want some company?
Getting too crowded for someone!
Getting too crowded for someone!
There. That's better.
There. That’s better.

Of course, at other times Maisie and I are closer-than-this:

Maisie lets me cuddle her when she's cold
Maisie lets me cuddle her when she’s cold


But what is my Number One Favourite Activity?

Dream, dream, dream
Dream, dream, dream

That’s right,
Dreaming of Summer

13august 025 copy
Thank you for visiting Vivian’s View from Here! We hope you enjoyed it. 🙂


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