Guest Post: Vivian’s View From Here – Part II


 I’m baaack!

Maisie, the shy one

Hello there, Peeps. Vivian K. Perry here, Jennifer’s (dare I say) favourite cat.  Just don’t tell my sister Maisie, capiche?

Jennifer asked me back to host her blog today, because she is a little bogged down writing an especially exciting chapter of her new novel.

Whatever! I was happy to oblige, nonetheless. This is my second time guest blogging on Jennifer’s Journal. If you’re interested, and I’m sure you are because I’m so cute, you can see my first post from last summer here.


Maisie and I do agree on one thing: we are getting bored with the cold weather. We miss the summer days of hunting little creatures, and basking in the sun. It is warming up a bit, but it’s still darn chilly on the paws most days.




So we while away the hours with our indoor activities.

Tucked away in the linen closet
Tucked away in the linen closet
Still looking pretty spiffy there, Alex
Still looking pretty spiffy there, Alex
Nice! A little something for my wish list.
Nice! But do they come with kitties on them?
Lying on legs, one  of our best loved pastimes
Lying on humans, one of our best-loved pastimes

Sometimes, we get on each other’s nerves, as sisters often do. I was thinking Maisie looked entirely too comfortable having our little house all to herself, so I had to act.

Minding her own business
Minding her own business
Want some company?
Want some company?
Getting too crowded for someone!
Getting too crowded for someone!
There. That's better.
There. That’s better.

Of course, at other times Maisie and I are closer-than-this:

Maisie lets me cuddle her when she's cold
Maisie lets me cuddle her when she’s cold


But what is my Number One Favourite Activity?

Dream, dream, dream
Dream, dream, dream

That’s right,
Dreaming of Summer

13august 025 copy
Thank you for visiting Vivian’s View from Here! We hope you enjoyed it. 🙂


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30 thoughts on “Guest Post: Vivian’s View From Here – Part II

    1. Poor rumpydog. I wouldn’t hurt you unless you hurt me first. I’m curious about all living things, and would only stare at you and follow you. Maisie on the other hand would probably scratch your eyes out and run away!
      Vivian x


        1. LOL…does he recognize you when you talk to him on Skype? Oh my, love that, usually people talk to their grandkids on Skype, but that takes the cake. Glad you will see him this summer too. 🙂


  1. Maisie and Viv look as if they have lots of personality. I have two pups and am an animal lover as well. They (pets) brighten life and their unconditional love is priceless. Thanks for sharing!


  2. LOve this post, I have three crazy cats and of course a children’s story on the way about them. This made me laugh out loud, excellent, entertaining idea. Keep up the writing.


      1. That is one of my stories Jennifer, I have about four on the go but have decided to finish one, then start another. Some are fantasy, some Australian bush tales. If you love your cats and you see their personalities, how could you not write a children’s story about them. How is your story going?


        1. I’m starting to write chapter ten, in a novel I’m expecting to be around twenty five to thirty chapters. It is a coming of age story, but I’m not sure who my target audience will be until I’m finished and had it critiqued. Young adult, or adult realistic fiction, one or the other. I would hope it appeals to both, actually.


          1. Awesome, I am almost through my tween draft of Kookazoo. The editing is what I live for…shaping and cutting. But since doing an online course with Tribe/writers I now am working on many projects. Keep me posted if you need someone to read a few paragraphs…..have you seen the blog The write Practice? by Joe Bunting lots of lots of great content for us writers one of the best. PS Have you got a Title?


            1. Yes, the editing and polishing is what I am looking forward to as well, but I have a long way to go yet. Thanks for the offer to read. 🙂 Actually I am subscribed to the Write Practice, and it is very helpful. As for a title, only a working one for now; I’m pretty sure I will be changing it.


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