A new addition to our family…

Introducing Sophie Rae, my son’s new dog. She is a white golden retriever.

Isn’t she a darling? Welcome to our world, little girl! 💕

“Happiness is a warm puppy.” — Charles M. Shulz

Introducing Archie!

All ready to go to my forever home

Meet my newest grand-puppy. My daughter and her family adopted this 1-year-old mix from a shelter on Friday.

They didn’t think his original name suited him, so while brainstorming for a new one, I came up with Archie!

Archie loves his new family. Paul and I were so happy to be in town when he arrived. 😊

Blogger Bouquet #56

Carol Balawyder is an author, blogger and dog owner that I’ve only recently started following.

From her Welcome page:

“Welcome to my website and blog. I write about justice, mid-life dating, grief, blogs that inspire me both as a writer and a person, awesome writing workshops and my dog, Bau.

I have series on: How I Got Published, The Femme Fatale, Nobel Prize Laureates, Writers’ Desks, Ten Great First Dates.

One of my goals is to make online friends with bloggers around the world of different and alike views.”

Carol’s dog Bau has now been made the mascot for the Reading Program at Carol’s library. Check out this cute dog with a job in the post below:

Bau: Benefits of Reading To a Dog

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Have a beautiful weekend, everyone!

Memories of Nico

Our sweet festive boy

Nico was our one and only grand-puppy. He was a Golden Doodle who had the sweetest, most loving temperament I’ve ever witnessed in a dog. We only had Nico in our lives for five short years before he tragically left us, but he will always live on in a special corner of my heart.

Even though it’s been over a year since he passed, I still miss him when I visit my daughter and her family. They have two cats now, Ginger and Joey, but no one can ever take the place of this big boy who was full to the brim with life and love and fun.

Baby Nico

First visit to Newtown with the fam

with Leah

Summertime fun

Looking out over Lead Cove

Chillin’ with his sister Ginger

Nico and his dad

Just another visit at Nanny’s house

Enjoying a summer day in Lead Cove

Getting over the loss of a pet is never easy, and is particularly hard for animal lovers like our family. I can’t imagine what it will be like to lose my cats when that time comes. Then again, maybe they will outlive me.

Have you lost a special dog, cat or other animal recently?
Please share in the comments below.

Friday Bouquet #17

I’m shaking things up for Friday Bouquet this morning. Usually I award it to a fellow blogger found doing something wonderful in the blogosphere, but this time I am throwing the bouquet to my sister and the therapy dog program.

Lynn is an assistant professor and nursing instructor at the Memorial School of Nursing in St. John’s, but her contribution to health care and humankind hasn’t stopped there. Please click on the link below – wouldn’t you know it, a WordPress blog by Eastern Health Story Line – to find out what she and her little dog Abbey have been up to, and be sure to look for their photos. All of my animal lover friends are sure to enjoy it. 🙂


Have you had any experience with canine therapy?
What about the health benefits of spending time with other animals?

Here are two other sisters wishing you a warm and wonderful weekend. ❤


Maisie & Vivian
Maisie & Vivian

Friday Bouquet #9

Michael Lai from RetireeDiary is a travel photographer in Hong Kong, whose blog I’ve been following for years.

His skill with the camera and his captures of people and places is always a treat.


Now he shares with us The Dog Who Lives On A Fishing Raft*, a collection of engaging shots featuring Dor Dor, a gorgeous Labrador Retriever who belongs to a friend.

Click on the link below to see how photogenic Dor Dor is. If you scroll down on his page to the Related Posts under the Likes you will find more from the series of my new “favourite internet dog”. 🙂

(Yes, I’m a cat person, but who can resist that smile?)


The Dog That Lives On A Fishing Raft – Reflection

*images copyright protected by Michael Lai, retireediary

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Have a wonderful weekend, everyone ❤


Happy Monday, everyone. Here are a few images that made me smile with affection last week:

161When she can’t be in her master’s lap, Vivian will take possession of an article of clothing or anything that smells like him – even his sandal. Nice fit.

1209_54646295394_5546_nMy grandchildren, captured in slumber about six years ago.

171Nico before his haircut
photo 1 (5)…and after.  He is like a different dog!

What endearing images have caught your attention recently?

Are You an “Animal Racist”?

Disclaimer:  the following rant is in no way intended to minimize or satirize the very serious issue of racism in our world today.  It was conceived with tongue firmly in cheek and for entertainment purposes only… sort of.


Are you tired of hearing countless dog lovers dissing cats as a matter of course?  Have you grown weary, as I have, of people professing to be proud animal owners, and yet they sh*t on the existence of my beloved pets?  I swear, if I hear one more dog owner claiming that dogs are the superior pet, I’m going to start the meanest cat-fight you have ever witnessed.


Don’t get me wrong.  I love dogs.  I adore dogs.  I have owned dogs myself in the past, but right now my life is more suited for the feline variety of pets, due in part to their low maintenance, but also because of the compatibility of our personalities.  We are quiet, for the most part, and slightly aloof.  We are independent.  We keep ourselves clean.  And we love each other unconditionally, and pine for each other when we’re apart.  ( But I’m getting off track here with my cat love.  I am head over heels about horses too, but can in no way accommodate one in my life at this time either.)

Even media personalities are hopping on the “dogs and dog-people are best” bandwagon, spouting their prejudices like it’s something to be proud of.  But folks, just because your opinion is popular doesn’t make it right.  It makes you sound like you have succumbed to a form of speciesism.  Besides, you hardly ever hear cat owners/lovers badmouthing dogs, the way so many dog owners/lovers badmouth cats.


Where is the tolerance?  What happened to the idea of Live and Let Live?  Can we not embrace all animals for their individuality and wonderfulness?  I’ll even go out on a limb here and say it is comparable to the ignorance of a person saying he loves mankind, but in no way can he tolerate foreigners.  It just doesn’t make any sense, like so many other kinds of prejudice ( and don’t get me started on that).

Can we not all embrace each other for our differences and uniqueness, and just get along?