A new addition to our family…

Introducing Sophie Rae, my son’s new dog. She is a white golden retriever.

Isn’t she a darling? Welcome to our world, little girl! 💕

“Happiness is a warm puppy.” — Charles M. Shulz

56 thoughts on “A new addition to our family…

    1. Oh my, Pam, little Sophie has already added a heap of love and magic to our lives. We stayed with her last weekend, and she was a joy. And you should see her with her sister, their cat Chichi. Are you on Twitter? If so you should go look at the video I shared there. 🥰

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      1. I just recently got out of Twitter for a number of reasons. But at least I got to see little Sophie‘s photo on this blog! Lucky you! My grand dog is a golden named Charlotte, and even my daughter says Charlotte loves me best. 🥰

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