Friday Bouquet #9

Michael Lai from RetireeDiary is a travel photographer in Hong Kong, whose blog I’ve been following for years.

His skill with the camera and his captures of people and places is always a treat.


Now he shares with us The Dog Who Lives On A Fishing Raft*, a collection of engaging shots featuring Dor Dor, a gorgeous Labrador Retriever who belongs to a friend.

Click on the link below to see how photogenic Dor Dor is. If you scroll down on his page to the Related Posts under the Likes you will find more from the series of my new “favourite internet dog”. 🙂

(Yes, I’m a cat person, but who can resist that smile?)


The Dog That Lives On A Fishing Raft – Reflection

*images copyright protected by Michael Lai, retireediary

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Have a wonderful weekend, everyone ❤