Are You More Creative in the Morning?

newtown Sunrise
Sunrise in Newtown, Bonavista Bay
Newtown sunrise 2
Ten minutes later

 Research has proven the brain is most actively creative immediately following sleep.

Your subconscious mind wanders and makes connections while you sleep. That is what creativity is – making connections between different parts of the brain.

This makes sense to me. I think my writing is better and more productive in the morning.

Yet I hear some writers and creatives say they are more attuned to creating in the afternoon, evening or night. Is it simply a matter of being a morning person or a night owl?

Still others say they have no choice but to write whenever they can find the time.

When do you do your best creative work?

37 thoughts on “Are You More Creative in the Morning?

  1. I think that my writing is much better in the morning with a cup of coffee but sometimes I can stay up all night writing extremely deep texts. 🌞

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  2. Definitely morning for me. Here I am reading your blog at 6:10 a.m. Green tea ‘steaming’ by my side, birds singing outside my window, dreams still sifting around my head. I like to read some blogs first thing – 6 ish – comment on some, then start writing. I usually teach my writing classes in the late morning or early afternoon. My creativity is hopping then. On the one evening class I teach… not so much. ;-(

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    1. I like mornings too, Pam, but not that early, I’m afraid. Maybe if I went to bed earlier! I have this issue with my eyes where, if I’m working on the laptop, they go blurry as the day goes on.
      You’re fortunate that your day job is another extension of writing – or vice versa – instead of something that has nothing to do with creativity and simply pays the bills. 🙂

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      1. I spent some time with an OT because of my concussion issues, and blurry, tired eyes was/is one of them. She encouraged me to keep my font on ALL my devices up to 14 point (which I do now) and keep the light as low as possible on computer/phone/laptop etc. The less we fatigue our eyes, the better. It DOES help; you may want to follow her advice. xo

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        1. I was given the same advice by my ophthalmologist. It helps. I was having visual auras without migraine, which was better than migraine pain but still troublesome. Since I took his advice I have been much better but the blurriness persists if I work too long. I hope all your symptoms are gone. 😊

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  3. I’ve been thinking a lot about the creative process lately: what helps and hinders it. I plan to explore this on my blog in the near future and interview creative artists. I think when your mind is calm and not distracted is the time when creativity opens. That may explain mornings for some people. However, anyone rushing to work or trying to get gets off to school would probably not agree!

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  4. Jennifer, mornings work best form me on the whole whist middle of the day my brain goes into relax mode and it’s more admin work. Late evenings and even nights have seen creative bursts however! 😀 Wishing you a lovely Easter Sunday, my friend! 🌺

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  5. Definitely not first thing in the morning. My waking up period takes about eight hours! I’m usually feeling my most creative in the afternoon and evening, and quite often late at night.
    And yet I do consider myself a morning person, as I love getting up early to enjoy that quiet at home.

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    1. See how different we are? I think I write more freely in the morning because I’m not held back by my pesky internal editor who doesn’t get up until noon! That’s why I’m working better in the afternoon now because I’m doing editing and revisions. 😊 Thanks for weighing in, Janet.

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