Blogger Bouquet #31


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Author Dylan Hearn at Suffolk Scribblings has written two books and is working on his third.

In his own words:

My name is Dylan Hearn and I am an author. It has taken me a while to admit this. I started this blog because I wanted to write, so I wrote about many different things, but over time the blog has become focused on the act of writing and self-publishing....I limit myself to spending only one hour on each post, plus a bit of extra time for editing, because I prefer to concentrate on writing my fiction. However, this does mean you may find the odd typo or grammatical error. I blame my fingers.”

The post I have chosen delivers great insight into the experience of writing a second novel.

5 Things You Learn When Writing Your Second Book

I have disabled comments here in the hope you will comment on Dylan’s blog.

If you do, please tell him Jennifer sent you. 🙂