A Cup of (Extra)Ordinary

Nothing gets me out of bed in the morning quicker than the expectation of savoring rich, delicious coffee.

At least two big, fragrant, caffeine-infused cups are an essential part of my routine and a necessity to get my brain working. Later in the day, however, my beverage of choice is tea, usually of the green variety.

IMG_0182 (800x533)

I know; big deal, right? Why am I blogging about something so ordinary?

Because sometimes, something as simple and mundane as your cup of tea or coffee can be elevated to (extra)ordinarydepending on where you are, who bought it or brewed it for you, or who may be around to share the experience.


Sometimes a cup of tea is made extra special when it comes to you as a gift – a pretty mug and coaster in your favourite colour, along with your first infuser, and a yummy variety of loose tea flavours from DAVIDsTEA. (Thank you, Daughter. 🙂 )

mothersday 015
Forever Nuts is my new favourite from there. How fitting. 😉


Other times, a cup of coffee can be special when you get to enjoy it in a new locale.
Like the Caribbean!
And that is whether you drink it inside where it’s cool…

cuba 159

…or outdoors in the incredible, tropical  heat.


Morning coffee tastes particularly wonderful in Rome

rome 051

Of course, when in Rome, it should be espresso, shouldn’t it?
Perhaps cappuccino? Nope. I stick to old, reliable Caffé Americano– style.


Java on the balcony of your room in Cannes also tastes pretty darn special.


And during a dinner cruise on the Seine in Paris?
The pleasure of a coffee after your gourmet meal is hard to outclass.

But as delightful as you can imagine all of these cups of coffee and tea were, there is one cup of tea I remember the most with enduring fondness. Today in particular, it makes all the others pale in comparison.

It is the memory of Mom and I sipping tea together in the late afternoon sun…

My wedding day, August 1998

…on an incredibly special day, made that much more memorable by an intimate moment shared.

Today also happens to be a noteworthy day for my family. To be able to indulge in a good ol’ cup of orange pekoe tea with my mother today, on her birthday…it doesn’t seem like a great deal to ask for.

But again this year and for the rest of my days, fond memories will have to do.


Happy Birthday, Mom.
Knowing how much you always loved your tea,
this morning I’d like to imagine Dad putting the kettle on
and the two of you enjoying a cup together.

And I’ll raise my cup to you.


34 thoughts on “A Cup of (Extra)Ordinary

  1. Oh those precious memories Jennifer. I have a memory of my father making his first cup of tea of the day, it was like our wake up call. He always (without fail) dinged the cup three times after he stirred it, we use to tease him about it. Loved to hear that sound again.

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  2. Jennifer I found this post beautiful. A loving tribute to your mother. As for ordinary, there’s nothing ordinary about coffee & tea. For writers it can be food for thought or the liquid activator that helps us to get the writing flowing. I especially loved all your pics and the one of you and your mother was absolutely precious!! Just beautiful!! xo

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  3. What a lovely post on one of life’s simple pleasures. My own story is that I was jolted out of caffeine addiction on 09 December 1983 when I had a spell of really high blood pressure at the ripe old age of 29! have not had a drop since. And I am glad to report that by avoiding caffeine (and other things) BP is still OK (with no medication) at the age of 61.
    Happy Birthday to your mother. 🙂

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    1. Thank you Elizabeth. I’m glad your BP is under control. I’ve never heard of someone having to give up coffee for that reason. I remember when I was younger I could drink more coffee than I do now. I get too jittery if I overdo.

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  4. Oh, a lovely, poignant post. I think more than anything, it’s the simple things that bring on the memories and that sense of ‘if only,’

    I enjoyed seeing the many places and ways you’ve savoured your coffee and tea over the years … I think I too should have e coffee on a balcony in Cannes, just for starters.

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  5. Jennifer, yesterday was my Mom’s 85th birthday! I (we) are so lucky to have our Mom still with us, she is pretty special! To be able to enjoy a cup of anything with Mom is a pleasure and a treat. You brought tears to my eyes reading this, and a special hug to you today as you celebrate your Mom’s birthday, Happy Birthday Carrie!

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