Weekly Photo Challenge: Colour


The yellowness of Springtime
is a warm and golden feeling,
a newness, a reawakening
of my memories as a child

I recall the dandelions,
buttercups in yellow brilliance,
and reflections in church windows
of an Easter morning sun

The yellowness of Springtime
shimmered in my golden ringlets
in our bonnets, in our laughter
colouring those carefree days

It is these things I remember
as I welcome the arrival
of a season sweetly smelling
of a million blooming things.

The yellowness of Springtime
is the warmth that lives again.

Leah 015

25 thoughts on “Yellow

  1. Jennifer I love these pics – what a beautiful little girl! When I was little I loved dandelions, I still think they’re pretty. Beautiful poem as well, I am sooooooooo longing for signs of spring here. 🙂


    1. She is seven now, and still her nanny’s pride and joy. 🙂
      And bless you for liking dandelions. My husband said he doesn’t know why a lot of people can’t tolerate them. Maybe we are still children at heart. I sure wouldn’t complain about them now – come on, spring. Thanks, Diana.


      1. Yeah I love it when a big Pepa big plastic toy gets rammed up my Nostril or battered against my teeth 1st thing in the morning to wake me up 🙂


        Joking aside, yeah, they are fun and always make me smile x


          1. ha ha, I know..
            Never a dull moment eh 🙂
            I wouldn’t swap a Pepa Pig toy in my left nostril for anything in the world lol



  2. LOVE this pic and your poem. It’s so warm, like springtime and full of love, hope and goodness. I used to make wishes and then blow dandelions when I was little. And we always had buttercups — everywhere.


    1. Hi, Brigitte. Even though it is technically spring, most days it is still cold and winter-like here. At least I can write and dream about the warmer weather until it gets here. Thanks for commenting.


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