It’s a Feline Thing



I am a cat.

I am quiet, domesticated
yet fiercely independent.

I pad silently about my domain
at an easy, unhurried pace.
I seem harmless, affectionate
even submissive as I bask
in a warm patch of sunlight.

sunny day 008

When ego dictates
I mingle happily among people,
eager, impatient, hungry for attention.
Yet most of the time
I am too proud, too aloof to be touched.

I enjoy when they stroke my sleekness,008
pamper me, spoil me as I purr
but my preference for solitude
always wins out.
I like to belong, feel secure in the love of others
and yet will be owned by no one.

And if anyone or anything threatens
my well-being?

A startling transformation will occur.
This quietly domestic, submissive little creature
will turn feral,
will arch, spit, scratch
to defend what she cares about,
with no thought of consequence.
The havoc I wreak
when talons are drawnΒ and teeth are bared
you will not soon forget.
And somehow, no matter how hard the fight or
how far the fall,Β I land on my feet.
I am a survivor.087Maybe it’s true.
A cat really does have nine lives.


Do you think you have a cat personality?
Or is there another animal you identify with?

26 thoughts on “It’s a Feline Thing

  1. Perhaps I’m an otter. I like to get my food, lie on my back and eat. With the remote close by. So I’m an otter with a TV.



  2. I really enjoyed both your photos and text, Jennifer! I would have to say that I am a split personality between cat-like and dog-like. When I need space I need it – now! But mostly I like being in the midst of our noisy and busy household. I love our cat and dog equally.

    Blessings ~ Wendy


  3. I am absolutely and undeniably 100% a cat. My cat, Abby, is very much like me, and like everything you describe in this beautifully written blog post. I blame, curse and call her names for it, but really I taught her. I taught her every single bitchy trait she has. And I love her so much it hurts. Thank you for this wonderful text!


    1. Thank you for your comments! I know exactly what you mean. πŸ™‚
      Being a cat person also means that owning a cat or two makes perfect sense. They suit your life to a tee, because they have so much in common with you. Cat love forever!!


      1. I also have two dogs though, and I get along wonderfully with them too! Then again, so do our cats πŸ™‚ xx


  4. Hello. I am not an avid cat-lover, yet the description you have here – and relating it to how we may see oureselves – is aptly ‘me’.
    Thanks for this interesting concept.


  5. Hey Jennifer I don’t think I am a cat, today maybe a snail, a bit slow in writing anything. My daughter would love to be a shape shifter and change into any animal…..this was after a conversation on good super powers for a children’s novel we were day dreaming about. Although having Cat abilities would probably make for an excellent children’s story. Hope your writing is going well.


    1. Ha ha, you’re more like a snail, are you? And yes, I agree, someone having cat abilities would make a good story for children.
      With regards to writing a book, Kath, you’ll get there, just like me. Slow and steady wins the race. So I suppose I’m a tortoise in that respect. πŸ™‚


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