A Weekend Walk (…and book stuff)

This past Victoria Day long weekend turned out to be a beautiful and sunny one here on the island of Newfoundland.

We headed out on Saturday hoping to find icebergs, but unlike last year’s bumper crop, they kept their distance for the most part, hugging the horizon.

Undaunted, Paul and I took a hike around the trail in Greenspond and still managed to capture these pretty nature scenes.
001 006 022 021 Icebergs big and small can be seen dotting most of the horizon.
023 042 078I zoomed in for these two. Notice the wide band of blue, which is called looming.
068The atmospheric phenomenon of looming made this iceberg seem to stretch -or refract – vertically into a shape that made me think of a water bomber…sort of.
064 039These little shelters house picnic tables along the Greenspond trail.
028 066Now for the funny and unexpected part of our hike:
007I decided to snap a photo of this helmet someone had picked up and placed here, thinking I would show it on Facebook to help unite it with its owner. But…009This is where I stepped back to get a shot from the other side, and my “accident-prone” foot got caught in a crevice. Down I went. Luckily I missed the big rocks and my camera was also unharmed. At home, I discovered I’d taken the above photo by accident!
010I got the other shot, no harm done. Hubs got a little fright (and a laugh), though. 😉

What did you do for fun this weekend?
(and did you lose a helmet?)

Author updates:

I’m running a Goodreads Book Giveaway! Enter here or on the sidebar for a chance to win a signed, first edition paperback of Calmer Girls. Though the winning entry is randomly chosen by Goodreads, I will mail the book directly to the winner.

And…I’m attending my Book Launch this Saturday in St. John’s:

UntitledHere is the link for the Library announcement:
NL Book Launch – Jennifer Kelland Perry
A.C. Hunter Adult Library


Have a safe and inspiring week, everyone.
(and watch out for those crevices!)

A Walking Trail, Bergy-Bits, and Other Pretty Things

Saturday was such a gorgeous day in our corner of the world, one had to get out and enjoy it. We decided to drive to Greenspond, a community comprised of several islands not far from where we live. Connected to the mainland of Newfoundland by a causeway, Greenspond boasts a wonderful walking trail around most of the perimeter of its largest island. It was perfect weather with light winds, so I took my camera.

This is the view from Perry’s Point before we left. The icebergs dotting the horizon were too far away to get good shots.


171Once we got on the trail, it didn’t take long for us to discover our first “bergy bit” floating like an ice sculpture in a peaceful cove.
201The walking trail winds through the rocky terrain, carrying us through the brush and bog.
197The views of the coastline and of the Atlantic are spectacular.

We can’t help but admire the work that went into the boardwalks.
Some were quite steep, making for a great workout.

It seems the locals thought of everything. 😉
178Almost halfway…
202There seems to be a little berg in every bay.
188Another “sculpture”…
200…and another.




Time for refreshments.

The Greenspond Walking Trail is a collaboration between Man and Nature, resulting in what I consider a living work of art.
Come back and join me in a couple of days for Part Two of my Greenspond photo shoot. 🙂

To my Fellow Canadians: What did you do outdoors on this long Victoria Day weekend?

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