Versatile Blogger Award

It is with great honour and appreciation, that I once again accept an award nomination from one of my peers here at WordPress.    Almost Spring has graciously nominated me for The Versatile Blogger Award, saying that she  found my blog “truly inspirational and of much variety.”   The sweetheart!  I am touched by her nomination.  I urge you to check out her blog which is all about her painful, yet brave journey from “we” to “me”, as her marriage ended.  Her experience certainly struck a chord with me.

Versatile?  Yes, I suppose my blog is a reflection of my many moods and passions since I started it at the end of 2011.  And who better to know what a blogger goes through and deals with every week, than another blogger?  Who better can identify with the sometimes frightening task of putting yourself out there, and daring to show your vulnerable side to whomever may happen upon your poems and musings?

In keeping, somewhat, with the award rules, I will share seven random things about me, followed by a list of seven blogs I follow and suggest you try as well.

1.  I wrote a teen romance novel when I was 15  (a second novel should happen any year now! ).

2.  I feel more spiritual in the natural outdoors than I ever have inside a church.

3.  I have one daughter and one son, all grown now.  And I am immensely proud of them both.

4.  Sometimes I feel like I’ve lived several different lives.

5.  I am most definitely an introvert.

6.  I’ve always been a night person, not a morning person (will this change as I get older, I wonder?  I hope??).

7.  When I was a child, my dad called me a little Question Mark because I was always asking “why?”  and “how come?”  I think I’ve retained that curiosity about life (maybe I’m simply nosy).

Here is my list of lovely and versatile nominees, in no particular order:

Brigitte’s Banter

–  published author, freshly pressed, lively posts on a variety of topics


– advice and observations from a life coach


– a good writer and talented poet


– fashion, art, and other pretty things


– inspiring and original poetry

Truth and Cake

– lovely writing, good advice, and freshly pressed twice (only twice, right?)


– travel adventures by a couple of fellow Newfoundlanders, and now brand-new parents

These are not all that I follow out there in the blogosphere;  I am also subscribed to a few breathtakingly lovely photography and travel blogs, and two inspirational quote blogs.  Occasionally I check out food blogs too.

Have a wonderful week, everyone!  And remember, there would be no feel-good awards to win without the kindness of the people who bestow them.  Thanks again.

One Lovely Blog Award :-)

I was quite pleased and flattered this week when one of my fellow bloggers nominated me for the “One Lovely Blog Award”.  She is carlarenee45, one of the bloggers that I subscribe to, and I am honoured to be on her list as well.  Unfortunately, I’m having trouble with our internet connection these past two weeks so I had to write this from our local library.  With any luck, I should be back up and running by next week.  At that time I will respond to the nomination in more detail, and suggest some favourite blogs of mine.  But in keeping with the rules of being nominated, here are seven random things about me that I’d like to share.

1.  I have the curliest hair you probably ever saw.  It drives me nuts.

2.  I became a mom at the tender age of eighteen.

3.  I love interior decorating magazines.

4.  I have arthritis, but if I don’t exercise regularly, I feel worse.

5.  I love a clean tidy house, but I hate housework.  Wish I had a maid…

6.  I’m one of those oddballs that loves liver and onions.

7.  When I was 14, I read “Everything you Wanted to Know About Sex (but Were Afraid to Ask)”, when I was babysitting at my teacher’s house.  Quite an education (and probably explains number 2)!

My honey and I are off to Varadero, Cuba in the morning, so for the next week I won’t be on the internet very often.  Ta ta for now, and we’ll catch up real soon.