Vivian on Video: a Fetching Feline

Enjoying a lazy Sunday

Happy Sunday, all!

Vivian K. Perry here with a video of me playing fetch, made by my staff. We started playing this game one night when I was feeling down about the recent loss of my sister Maisie.

Please don’t be alarmed by my cries — that’s what I always do when I play with my favourite ball. The game ends when I keep the ball. Fun fact: this is the same sound I make whenever I bring home a vole or shrew. Enjoy!

20 thoughts on “Vivian on Video: a Fetching Feline

    1. Since I posted it I’m learning she is not unique, though it is rare! Something else about Viv: she doesn’t sleep anywhere near as much as most cats. I’m thinking she’s more evolved than the average feline. She keeps us on our toes. 😻❤️ Thanks, Pam. xx

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  1. That is exactly the sound my cat makes when he brings me his favorite toy mouse and deposits it at my feet. It must be a feline way of indicating “I’m bringing you something precious and yummy!”

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