Sunday Snaps: Make Room for Maisie

Hello, friends and felines!

Maisie here, wishing my sister Vivian would make room for me on our big new bed in the living room. Yes, our early Christmas present is actually a dog bed, but it’s oh-so-comfy for us cats too.

Mom thinks she’s clever, making us share it with a beanie baby named “Howlidays.” We realize it’s Christmas and all, but we would’ve preferred a baby of our own species. 

Oh well. Let me think… where shall I nap while waiting for my turn on the new bed?

Our twin beds are in the kitchen of course…

… and look what I found here. Just my size.

Ever-curious Vivian has to come along and inspect the situation.

I think you’re too big to fit, sis.

Move along. Nothing more to see here.

Thank you, sis. Now, one more thing…

Think, maybe, we can lose the mutt??

Ah… that’s much better!

Thanks, Mom… purr… zzzz…

Happy Holidays to all
and warm, cuddly wishes for the New Year!
See you in January!

34 thoughts on “Sunday Snaps: Make Room for Maisie

  1. Aww…such a beautiful heartwarming post Jennifer. I loved it. Pets can be very entertaining that’s for sure. We don’t have any cause we’re still working and we like to travel, so we don’t want to take on that responsibility, it just wouldn’t be fair to the animal. But at times my heart longs for one.

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    1. Hi Lynda. I rescued your comment from the spam folder, most likely due to a change in your email address? Anyway, thanks for your comment. Glad you liked the post! Maybe you can adopt a kitty or two when you retire. 😻😘


  2. Jennifer, a wonderful and adorable post! These two know exactly how to enjoy the holidays and what a super new bed for them too! Especially after all the excitement of the sprite box! Hope you all had a fabulous break and are having a great start to 2020! The days already seem to be flying by! Much love & hugs xx

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    1. Thank you, Annika. We had a different sort of celebration this year, as it was the first time spending Christmas Eve and Day at home in the ten years we’ve been here in Newtown! The weather prevented us from visiting family in the city until the weekend of the 27th. But it was nice to hang up our stockings here on the Point for a change. 🙂
      The days are indeed flying by, and I’m still fussing over a blurb for my new book. I’d rather go write another 80 thousand words than do it! 😀
      I hope you had a pleasant break as well. Thanks for checking in on me. xo

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      1. None of them were related. The two oldest girls grew up close in age and were close, two others started close as kittens, one a girl and one a boy, but then they grew apart as they matured, and the other girl was always a bit of a loner! There was maybe a year or so between the different ages and they all of course had their own unique personalities 🙂

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  3. LOVE this post. Maisie and Vivian have delightful personalities that lift the spirit and remind us of the important things in life – a good place to sleep, great adventures (Spite), unusual companions (the mutt), flexibility (the dog bed is very comfortable) and plenty of room for all! All the very best of this magical holiday season!!

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    1. Thanks so much, Rebecca. I can’t imagine my life without them. They are great company and yes, they keep me cognizant of the many good things in life. Plus they’re good for a chuckle when they find new places to squeeze into! All the very best to you too!

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  4. Maisie and Vivian, tater here, I love your new bed. I have one almost identical and it is so cozy. I hope you guys have a meowey Christmas as well. And merry Christmas to your mom and dad from my mom and dad. Xo

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