On the Mend

Vivian in happier times

Our dear little Vivian is recuperating from a coyote attack. At least that is our best guess, after her vet in Gander said the wounds under her tail came from four large canine teeth, too large to be another cat, weasel or mink.

There are no roaming dogs in the vicinity, but there have been plenty of coyote sightings around the shore and right here in Newtown. Needless to say, our cats will never go out in the evening or night again. After almost nine years of outdoor escapades since we moved here from the city, this is the first time anything like this has happened. Darn coyotes!

Chelsea the vet sedated her, stitched her up, and administered an antibiotic dose good for two weeks. We gave her anti-inflammatory medicine for seven days and oodles of TLC.

Her sutures come out on Wednesday, and we can’t wait. The past eleven days have been tough, mostly due to the joys of the Elizabethan collar. Vivian was depressed at first, but a few days ago she snapped back to her old silly self, chasing Maisie around the house. So funny to see Maisie run away, apparently spooked by the contraption on her sister’s head (she usually play-fights back).

Everything will work out, Vivian. We’re so grateful we didn’t lose you.

And I’m sure you have at least five or six lives left in you yet.

A little sisterly moral support from Maisie
A get well card and goodie bag from our friend Libby. Warm thanks to all for the calls and get well messages.

33 thoughts on “On the Mend

  1. Oh I’m so glad her injuries were treatable. That’s terrible. I’ve never seen a coyote, but I’ve heard how dangerous they are to small pets. I’m seeing this post a little late – I hope Vivian’s stitches are out and she’s back to her regular self! 🙂

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  2. Oh my goodness! She was so lucky. We have coyotes here–friend of a friend lost their small dog to an attack. Coyotes were there, waiting just outside the yard–and it’s typical suburbia. So sad. I’m glad she’s ok and glad you’ll keep her in now. My dog is 90 pounds but I worry even about her–she’s fierce but coyotes like to travel in packs . . .

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  3. Coyotes were a scourge of cat owners when we lived in Southern California, and once they’re habituated to an area and have developed a taste for cat, they’re there to stay. We lost several cats to them, and while attacks are more common at night or in the wee hours, your cats aren’t 100% safe in daytime either as coyotes are amazingly adaptable and opportunistic hunters. So be very careful with your kitties! However, we did have one cat in So Cal who apparently was friends with a big male coyote — they seemed to hang out together on our porch in the evenings when we weren’t looking. Pretty risky for the cat . . .

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    1. Whoa! That must have been one intimidating cat, to hang out with a coyote. As for daytime, that’s what I’m afraid of, that their safety isn’t guaranteed at any hour. I’m hoping they’ll stop wanting to go out in their elder years. 🙄 Thanks for the info, Jan.


  4. Oh my. The poor dear. I do hope Vivian is feeling better soon. We had a cat who had a run-in with a racoon and severely damaged her tail. No pet enjoys wearing the cone of shame. Ask our dog about it!

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  5. How did she get home after the attack? I’m so glad she’s feeling better. Our dog was attacked by a possom (he’d snuck out of the house) and got his face torn apart. He stumbled home and collapsed on the lawn. It broke my heart.

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    1. Oh your poor pooch! That sounds awful. Vivian literally escaped the jaws of death this time. The vet said it looked like she pulled herself free from his teeth and that’s what caused most of the damage. But she’s alive and healing so she was lucky.


  6. Dear Vivian–I am so sorry about this. About that collar….I had one of those on last year when I was ‘fixed’–whatever that is. Anyway, my cone was soft and I was able wiggle out of it and even hide it (haha!) from the humans. ‘Course they found and it and put it back on me. Yup, they took pictures, too. What is wrong with them?? Hang in there. Stay inside–please. Much safer. Hi to Maisie and much love from me and Parker. –Piper

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    1. Hi, Piper. I wiggled out of the cone once and they tightened it so I guess I have to be patient. Not easy for an outdoor cat to stay inside, but I guess the party’s over. Mommy wishes we would stay in all the time. While she’s typing this for me, I’m looking out at the sunshine and crying to break my heart.
      Thanks so much for caring, Piper, Parker and Lois. ❤️

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