Thanks, Mom!

Mom cut my bangs

Dear Mom,

Thank you for the many, many things you’ve ever done for me. As it is for most mothers, they are far too numerous to list here.

An endless list, actually. Hey, you even took it upon yourself to trim my bangs from time to time. Why would we bother driving to the beauty parlor when you were there, eager and happy to do it? How hard could it be? And naturally, your other daughter’s bangs didn’t escape your butchery expertise either.

Now Mom, I understand we were a one-income household at the time and you liked saving money wherever possible, but don’t you think your scissors-happy ways may have been a tad aggressive, especially for a school photo, recorded for posterity?

This practice of yours was nearly as darling as your penchant for dressing up my sister and me as twins. Never mind that I was two and a half years older than her.

And yet, as I flip through this old family album, my heart swells.

I see your smile.

I hear your laughter.

I feel the love.

I see my happy childhood, personified, in all of these snaps of captured memories.

And you know what, Mom? It makes me realize I wouldn’t change a single thing.

– Love your daughter,

Wishing a Happy Mother’s Day to all the loving moms out there!

23 thoughts on “Thanks, Mom!

  1. Ah yes, those lovely memories of mother-cut bangs! My mother did it to me… I returned the favour to my daughters. 🙂 Though they also cut each other’s hair which redeemed me because their self-inflicted butchery was even worse than mine! 🙂

    A lovely letter to your mom – and that photo is adorable Jennifer.

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    1. A lot of mothers cut their children’s hair, Louise, whether they were any good at it or not. Myself included! 😀 Thank heaven neither of my kids cut their own hair, yikes! Thanks, and nice of you to drop by here today. 🙂


  2. Tender loving letter on this Mother’s Day(for you all across the pond!) You give us a lovely insight into your mother and the two of you. Ahh…you look so sweet and adorable in this photo! Warmest wishes, hugs xx

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