Artist in the House

Entering Newtown by Paul Perry
Entering Newtown (1983)

My husband Paul spent a lot of time working on portraits and landscapes in his younger years. His love of artistry was one of the things that first attracted me to him. That and the fact he owned a cat, of course.

These pen and ink drawings are just a few from around our house, although limited edition prints of “Entering Newtown” grace the walls of many.

Some of you may remember a Springsteen portrait mentioned in my novel Calmer Girls, which Samantha drew for her father. Paul’s drawing below is what inspired me to write it in.

Springsteen by Paul M. Perry
Springsteen in the 70’s 
Lou Reed by Paul M. Perry
Lou Reed 

Paul rarely gets time these days to draw, but I hope he picks it up again when he retires. Problem is, he says you’ll read about his retirement in his obituary!

26 thoughts on “Artist in the House

  1. Those are some very inspired drawings. This reminds me of a recently watched documentary about Mick Rock, the photographer who created so many famous images of rock stars. Sometimes a drawing or a photo really captures the essence of a person, as I think Paul has done here.

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  2. Entering Newtown is gorgeous, Jennifer, my favorite of the three. I love the way Paul captured the reflections, perfectly subtle. And I hope he does get to take up his pens and inks again when he retires… well before his obituary! What a sense of humor. 🙂

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  3. Jennifer, these are wonderful and so striking!😀 Entering Newton looks like it could be a drawing of my grandfather’s boat entering the harbour on the island – it looks spookily similar! Your husband has a gift and shame he doesn’t get much time these days to draw … reckon he could earn a living with his art!! A lovely start to my holiday Monday here in England. Wishing you a very special week, my friend! ❤️🌺

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    1. Annika, thanks for your beautiful comment – Paul loved it too, by the way! I’m sure there are many similarities between my province and many European locales, particularly the features of fishing villages. Your grandfather’s boat, being just one. 🙂
      Wishing you a wonderful week as well! ❤

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      1. I’ve visited the catacombs twice, first as an au pair girl in Paris after high school and then again about four years ago. I got the story idea from something else, but I realized the catacombs would be a great place to serve as the origin source of the curse!

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