For Mom ❤️

“Life began with waking up and loving my mother’s face.”

– George Eliot

Happy Mother’s Day to all the loving moms.
Enjoy your special day.

You deserve it!

Photographs and Memories

New Melbourne Point
New Melbourne Point

Back in late January, I accompanied my husband Paul on a work trip to Old Perlican. This Newfoundland community is where my children attended elementary school and is very close to the tiny outport where they grew up. My son was born in the cottage hospital there during a January blizzard.

On the way home from the work trip, I snapped a picture of New Melbourne Point, shown above.

This view brings back a torrent of vivid memories. It’s so familiar and dear to me because my parents lived there for many years, also while my children were small. Their house, which Dad built when they moved from the city, is hidden behind the trees in the center of the photo. It is now someone’s summer home.

Once a week, this scene came into view as I drove up the shore to visit Mom and Dad, and whenever I shopped – or worked – in Mom’s little store in New Melbourne, Carrie’s Grocery and Confectionery.

❤ My babies, way back when ❤

No matter how many years go by,
I still miss those treasured visits.
Happy Heavenly Mother’s Day, Mom.
– Has it really been seven years?

Sending Mother’s Day wishes out to all the lovely moms today!

Thanks, Mom!

Mom cut my bangs

Dear Mom,

Thank you for the many, many things you’ve ever done for me. As it is for most mothers, they are far too numerous to list here.

An endless list, actually. Hey, you even took it upon yourself to trim my bangs from time to time. Why would we bother driving to the beauty parlor when you were there, eager and happy to do it? How hard could it be? And naturally, your other daughter’s bangs didn’t escape your butchery expertise either.

Now Mom, I understand we were a one-income household at the time and you liked saving money wherever possible, but don’t you think your scissors-happy ways may have been a tad aggressive, especially for a school photo, recorded for posterity?

This practice of yours was nearly as darling as your penchant for dressing up my sister and me as twins. Never mind that I was two and a half years older than her.

And yet, as I flip through this old family album, my heart swells.

I see your smile.

I hear your laughter.

I feel the love.

I see my happy childhood, personified, in all of these snaps of captured memories.

And you know what, Mom? It makes me realize I wouldn’t change a single thing.

– Love your daughter,

Wishing a Happy Mother’s Day to all the loving moms out there!

On Mother’s Day and Always

05-10-~2 (2)


I miss you when I’m happy
I miss you when I’m sad
but I’m forever grateful for
the precious time we had.

On Mother’s Day, as always
I’ll think of you in prayer
’cause if there is a heaven
I know that you are there.

A Mother’s Reflections – Part Two

When I was a very young mom back in the Eighties, I often drew writing inspiration from my two children. To honour Mother’s Day, I am publishing a couple of short pieces from my 1980’s archives. In this second post, I offer this observation on my son.

D & B ALSO (2)

My Son

Oh, the exuberance of youth! Anyone who observes my four-year-old boy would probably echo that sentiment.

Each morning he rises early, eager to greet the new day, full of curiosity and mischief even in the routine. His giggling laughter while he plays with his father rings through the house, as I prepare his breakfast. His never-ending questions – which must be answered – abound as he plays with his cereal and wriggles on his chair. And throughout his busy day, his sense of humour shines through, laughing at me even as I scold him.

Sometimes, when disciplinary measures are taken, there is a challenging, defiant gleam in his eye, and I wonder if I will ever be able to control this curly-haired little bundle of energy.

But then I stop myself and question my motives. Do I really want to control him? I would much rather guide him as he learns everything he needs to know, not hold him back. I want him to be inquisitive and bright, and never feel pressured to curb his natural desire to reach out and experience life and all it has to offer him.

After all, isn’t that what growing up is all about?    ♥

D & B (2)


All Grown Up!
My babies are all grown up!


Is it just me, or does anyone else out there feel like it’s been a gazillion years since your kids were little?


Part One: Picture a Little Girl

A Mother’s Reflections – Part One

When I was a very young mom back in the Eighties, I often drew writing inspiration from my two children. To honour Mother’s Day, I am publishing a couple of short pieces from my 1980’s archives. For today, here is a poem.


Picture a Little Girl

Picture a little girl with eyes of warm innocent blue.

Picture the morning sun kissing her braids as they swing and dance in the breeze.

Think of a youngster who adores her new puppy, and yet chastises him severely when he chases her “poor little cat”.

Imagine a child with a song in her voice and a laugh always ready,

Yet almost as easily a tear is born because her heart is so soft.

Think of a little girl who loves reading fairy tales, chewing bubblegum, and giving big wet kisses,

And yet can be quiet, intense, and deeply absorbed in a thought.

Imagine a little girl graced with all of these qualities.

Wouldn’t you love it, if you had a daughter like that?

I’m glad I do.

D & B

Tomorrow: My Son