Season’s Greetings from Vivian & Maisie


Vivian K. Perry here with my sister Maisie, to tell you my face is ALL BETTER!!!
Just in time for the holidays.

Jennifer also asked me to tell you there’s only one day left to enter her $25 Amazon gift card draw. Click on the card to subscribe to her email list for a chance to win. Subscribers will receive an email tomorrow announcing the winner. Good luck!


Stay safe, and we’ll see you all again in the New Year!

19 thoughts on “Season’s Greetings from Vivian & Maisie

  1. Hi Vivian and Maisie! Parker here. Gosh, I wish my mom would get me and Teemu some cool hats so we could get into the Christmas spirit. Mom says Teemu is too old for something like that. **eye roll** But what about me?! I’m only 3! I love funs stuff like this. Anyway, Merry Christmas to both of you from me and Teemu. I hope Santa Paws is good to you.

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