January Blue*

It’s a blue winter day on Perry’s Point.

It isn’t a sad and lonely day, but one painted with the hues of a brilliant blue sky and a blanket of sunshine, the kind of day where the sun and snow merge to design graceful shadows in the hollows of the landscape.

IMG_0056 (800x521)Sun on the newly fallen and drifted snow creates a tapestry of shadowy forms,
from the palest baby blue to the deepest of indigo.

IMG_0067The slanting afternoon rays of sunlight hold little heat,
but warm the heart of this nature-lover nonetheless.

IMG_0075 (800x519)The surface of the snow waves and crests,
while most of the bay lies still under a layer of slush and ice.

IMG_0076 (800x475)Dunes of scalloped white surround me…

IMG_0123 (800x541)…and the only hint of sound is the faint exhale of a frigid breeze.

IMG_0089 (800x533)Certain feathered creatures have already been here.

IMG_0114 (800x518)At the end of the Point I reach the icy blue coastline…

IMG_0096 (800x533)…where the water is still full of movement in spite of the sub-zero air.

IMG_0084 (800x402)Cold, but fluid…

IMG_0085 (800x383)…clear and beautiful.

IMG_0145 (800x623)Other shadows dapple a weather-worn barn…

IMG_0149 (800x428)…and sun-bleached fences.

IMG_0152 (800x533)Hidden in shade, a bird house waits for spring, and a new tenant…

IMG_0130 (800x522)…while our neighbour’s fishing boat awaits a new summer.

IMG_0163 (800x574)Ben Perry’s shed is called a “store” around these parts.

IMG_0159 (800x472)Still more shadows hide in furrows of snow and last summer’s grasses. I wade in.

IMG_0068 (800x533)My toes are like ice cubes inside my boots at this point. I hop over the fence to home.

IMG_0155 (800x571)Time to put the kettle on…

IMG_0183 (800x533)…and thaw myself out with a cup of tea.

IMG_0182 (800x533)And my world changes from blue to green.

How is your January going?
What is the colour of your winter? 

*ThrowbackThursday – This is a reblog from January 2015.

44 thoughts on “January Blue*

  1. What a beautiful post, as a painter it made me want to get my brushes out. Hope it is warmer for you this January, it would be lovely to see some contrasting pictures of more recent times. Here in the UK the skies are a soft grey, our rivers are flooded leaving pools of ice on the fields. The first sparks of Spring are visible in the woodland with new buds peeping through. I’m looking forward to all the new growth soon 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for stopping by with your lovely comment. I had heard you guys were getting lots of rain over there lately. But yes, you will also get spring far earlier than we will. So there’s that!
      Only a thin layer of snow surrounds us here now. If you search my blog with keywords, such as photography and nature, you will certainly find more pictures to your liking. Do you share your art online?

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      1. Hi! Sorry for the late reply. Some of my art is on my Instagram @em_creative . I will have a look at your other pics, I’m just getting more involved with WordPress – loving all the inspiration 🌿

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  2. Your words and images are compelling as you move about with your frozen toes. Glad you ended up your reconnoitering with a cuppa tea. You asked about the color where I am–starting out gray, as always lately. The Pacific NW is notorious for gray, damp winters. Enjoy visiting here.

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    1. Thank you, Sherrey, I appreciate your kind words. Tea is always a welcome treat on a cold day, isn’t it? Where you live has always been known for its grey, rainy winters; I know many people from the area and I hear their lament often. On the other hand, I’m sure you’ll be ushering in spring long before me! 😊 Have a great weekend.


  3. Jennifer – these pictures are great! I love your descriptions. Everything is so icy but beautiful too. I also loved that your shadow is also blue. These spots outside are wonderful to explore, with the promise of a nice cup of tea at the end.

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    1. Thanks so much, Barb! This post is from 2015 for Throwback Thursday and that was a particularly freezing day. We haven’t had it so cold this winter and its almost February, which is welcome. Global warming? That said, it’s always nice to step outside for a while and then have a warm drink waiting at home. 🙂

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  4. The photos tell a compelling story! Very beautiful and peaceful. But then not sure I could handle the cold any longer–I’ve been where it’s warm too long and my blood is so thin.

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  5. Thank you for a beautiful window onto winter in your corner of the world. Winter here in northern California has vacillated between freakishly warm and gray and rainy. We welcome the latter and want much more (although it has raised the danger of mudslides in areas that were burned in last summer’s fires).

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  6. Eek! If I were in your shoes, I might be tempted to stick my toes in that tea, Jennifer. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous photos. I’m looking out at sunshine, a hint of green in the grass and anticipating the arrival of spring.

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    1. A pleasure to share, Jill. I almost did stick my toes in the tea, haha! The good news is that the days are getting longer bit by bit, and hopefully our spring won’t be too far behind yours. Enjoy your weekend! xx


  7. It is such a treat to feast my eyes on your great photos, Jennifer. A wonderful and pure landscape. So many shades of blue on the soft white palette. Just now here the grass is green and bushes and trees budding.
    I love winter snow like yours though.


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  8. Wow! Jennifer, a celebration of snow … these are beautiful and offer sheer serenity to us all! The waves on the snow are astonishing but blimey, it looks SO cold! Glad you had a cuppa to warm up.

    Here I was about to say the colour of January has been grey … but then the sun has popped out and a balmy 12 degrees centigrade so very pleasant indeed! (Then I look at Darlene’s 28 and feel slightly less smug!!)

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    1. Ha ha, less smug indeed! Annika, this is a post from six years ago, and the day was much colder than it has been here any day this winter. We haven’t had much frosty weather at all and very little snow. Climate change seems quite real here at times.
      Thanks for your lovely comment. Wishing you an early spring! xx

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