Friday Bouquet #10

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Jacqui Murray is an author, a journalist, a teacher, and a wealth of helpful advice for all things wordy.

I have learned a lot from her posts she fills with hints, lists,  how-tos, and reviews.

As Jacqui says on her About page:

I love writing–always have–so this blog will cover writing topics, with brief forays into other things. If you know writers, we’re intrigued by everything around us. Life is full of characters, plot lines, unique settings, and we want to experience it all.

Here’s a recent post that I found valuable and you might too:

Writers Tips #78:  8 Writing Tricks You Won’t Read Anywhere Else    

Go and check out WordDreams for help with your writing and blogging questions, and say hi to Jacqui for me.  🙂

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