Photo Challenge: Inviting Nighttime

During our trip to Italy and France in 2011, I took hundreds of photos, the majority of which were daytime shots. Here are some favourite captures from two of France’s cities in late evening and night.

I still find them as inviting as ever.


France 139
Lights wink on as dusk descends.
France 143
Window-shopping in Cannes; almost as fun as the real thing!
France 144
Boulevard de la Croisette invites us to explore. Ritz Carlton on the right.
France 145
The Croisette stretches 2 km long beside the Mediterranean Sea.
France 146
The entrance to our hotel beckons.
France 154
Home Sweet Home for three nights.

On to Paris:

France 231
The view from our hotel for four nights

France 234
France 001

France 105
On the Seine River Dinner Cruise…
…which ended at the Eiffel Tower.
France 125
Bonne nuit, mes amis! Β 

Weekly Photo Challenge: Nighttime

Weekly Travel Theme: Inviting

32 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Inviting Nighttime

      1. I went with my sister Jennifer but we could not help noticing it is the city of love and we were an odd couple lol. If I ever get there again I would love to take my love, but he hates flying and big cities.


  1. I love Paris. I spent a year that as an Au Pair girl after high school and have been back a couple times since. But it’s been a while. Your pretty pictures make me want to plan another trip there. And soon!


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