Cats on Ice: Exploring Spring Thaw in Iceberg Alley

Here are some scenes I captured a couple of weeks ago when our backyard bay was full of ice and “bergy bits”.  Maisie and Vivian, being the naturally curious creatures they are, simply had to take a closer look.  On tentative paws and their noses in the air, smelling the invigorating ocean breeze, they took me along…

Time to Head Home for a Cat Nap!

20 thoughts on “Cats on Ice: Exploring Spring Thaw in Iceberg Alley

  1. A wonderful post – in my very different corner of the world (we get ice, but never ice-floes) the cats stay resolutely domestic when snow intervenes in their social life. They rarely venture outdoors, let alone go exploring! Great pictures, and very evocative. I feel warmer already!

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    1. Hey Frederick, thanks for visiting one of my older posts. My cats are five years older now and not so impressed with the spring ice as they used to be. I guess living as indoor pets up to that point when we moved here made them all the more curious about their unique surroundings. Nice to look back on these photos though. Thanks!

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  2. Hi Jennifer,

    Just wonderful photographs. I’ve been up there in spring and winter as well as summer and I think I like late winter best. (I probably could use some therapy.) These photos take me right back up there, especially on Fogo Island.

    Thanks for the great images.



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