Greenspond – Part II

After completing the hiking trail on Saturday, my husband and I took a drive through scenic Greenspond.

It is an especially nice time to visit because of the pleasant weather. The little outport town sparkles like a jewel in the afternoon sun, the plaintive cries of seagulls the only sounds that break the silence.

198The breeze has abated entirely, leaving the surface of the harbour basin as smooth as a mirror.

212Pretty houses dot the land while oddly shaped chunks of iceberg dot the still blue water.

208The peacefulness of the setting is magical, meditative, hypnotizing.
215I am drawn to its perfect calm…
209…and I drink in its beauty as I quietly reflect.

210Troubles melt away…
216…and make room for inspiration.
218We stop to admire this gem of a property. Everything about it is impeccable, from the patchwork quilt on the clothesline…

219…to the softly scalloped valances in each window.
To me, it is a work of art.

Have you ever visited a place that seemed the perfect setting for a story?
Where do you go to think and dream?