Wonderful Yellow

About this time every winter, I begin to yearn for an injection of more colour in my world. So when I saw that Yellow was this morning’s one-word prompt from¬†The Daily Post, I felt compelled to take part.

The following photos were previously shared on my blog over the years, but I thought it fitting – as well as worthy – to give them a second look.

Our little girl enjoying backyard dandelions

Leah 015

Travel Theme: Oceans
Our little boy finds a teensy-weensy crab
florida 219
Disney World fun
Colosseum at Night
Roman Colosseum at Night
Paris at night
Autumn walk in Newtown
Hey, Little Girl
Our girl on Lester’s Farm, St. John’s
Sunshine, Surf, and Sand
Jumping the waves on Lumsden Beach
The Sky's the Limit
The Sky’s the Limit on Perry’s Point
My Buttercup Runneth Over – Perry’s Point
Varadero, Cuba
Along the Garden Cove walking trail
Spring walk in lovely Greenspond

These last two photos are from my Instagram account:

Love this beauty from an artist friend. Getting it framed soon!

Last but not least, something to wake up the taste buds:

Lemon meringue pie with a glass of Yellowtail!
Lemon meringue pie with a glass of Yellowtail!


“How wonderful yellow is. It stands for the sun.” ~ Vincent Van Gogh


the sea breeze softly whispers
hot sun on my skin
the drone of bees, the sway of grass
the cloudless day begins

a bead of sweat runs down
I sigh with upturned face
consummate season’s reverie
in nature’s warm embrace

wild magenta roses
bright petals downy soft
tiny nodding buttercups
and butterflies aloft

boat with sail unfurled
glides out from little cove
horizon, mediterranean blue
the sea a treasure trove

the quietude is broken
a fisher homeward bound
his vessel leaves a foamy wake
then seabirds circle ’round

a lone tern drops and dives
the laughing gulls ignore
they soar o’er brimming neap tide
where kelp adorns the shore

beside crystalline water
wrapped in summer’s heat
reflections blur and coalesce
my past and present meet

the world is as it’s ought
vague worries fall away
caught in the brief eternity
of a summer day