Photo Challenge: Threes

The Daily Post challenge for photographers this week is to show three similar images. I came up with two versions from winter and summer here on Perry’s Point.

Ice Storm Aftermath

“Glass” on Grass 
Glitter-Coated Branches 
Crunchy Tufts of Grass


Seashells on Rocks

Now that March is marching toward us, this photographer is growing a smidge weary of the snow and ice. Thoughts swing to the anticipation of warm weather and the new life that Spring unfurls. I remember this colony of mollusks, better known as seashells,  from last summer.


Shelled mollusks are not the only things living on these rocks. Colonies of tiny, white rock barnacles are everywhere. Barnacles are arthropods, related to crab and lobster.

Shells and Barnacles
Yellow Algae Grows Here Too

I’m ready to trade the ice for seashells. Are you?