11877690_10207190034729866_732640749_oWhen you look up at the stars, what do you see? Does the panorama of tiny infinite lights give you answers, or, as it does for many of us, raise infinite questions?

Every point of light in this sky is a star or an entire galaxy. Each galaxy holds billions of stars, with solar systems like ours orbiting each of them. Is it the Great Unknown or the Meaning of Life?11881381_10207190034849869_501418580_oBecause we are born egocentric, the prospect of our personal insignificance, and thus no afterlife, is disturbing.
Fear of our own mortality creates a need to believe in something greater than we are and that our death is not the end. In addition, if there is life after death, there is the belief in reunion with those we loved, lost, and grieve for.DSC_4740But if you hold an atheistic view, you accept and may even appreciate the notion of your own insignificance. If this was your attitude, would it make you feel that everything you do is futile?

Or is it simply the freedom and beauty of seeing our world, and our lives, from an omniscient perspective? The universe was here in all its immensity before we arrived, and will be long after we’re gone. Doesn’t that make our time here on earth all the more exquisite?11881335_10207190034889870_138625341_oAre we forgetting the value of living in the moment, the desire to improve the world for others, and the joy and privilege of telling those we love how much they mean to us, because one day our time will be up? 

Alas, this is just a blog post, not a lofty dissertation. 

Tell me what you think of, when you look up at the stars.

*Photos in this post were taken by my husband’s cousin, Paul Sautter Jr., on his recent visit with us. His superior camera, lens, and photography skills allowed him to capture the night sky on Perry’s Point in a way that is “light years” beyond my ability. I have so much to learn!

It Used To Be


It used to be time stretched on endlessly
Like an open road on a summer’s day
Winding ahead to a destination
Where yesterday’s worries would fade away

It used to seem there were infinite spaces
The sky azure, our world so vast
Sweet sunshine beckoned from a distant shoreline
We could lose ourselves and escape the past

There was once a moment, gone forever
When we thought that life would right all wrong
But now we see long days are fleeting
And numbered as they rush along

While we look back on this path we’ve travelled
We wipe the star dust from our eyes
The truth we’re learning sinks in slowly
Our mortality is in each day’s sunrise.