It Used To Be


It used to be time stretched on endlessly
Like an open road on a summer’s day
Winding ahead to a destination
Where yesterday’s worries would fade away

It used to seem there were infinite spaces
The sky azure, our world so vast
Sweet sunshine beckoned from a distant shoreline
We could lose ourselves and escape the past

There was once a moment, gone forever
When we thought that life would right all wrong
But now we see long days are fleeting
And numbered as they rush along

While we look back on this path we’ve travelled
We wipe the star dust from our eyes
The truth we’re learning sinks in slowly
Our mortality is in each day’s sunrise.


24 thoughts on “It Used To Be

  1. where are we going?
    or is that question

    I long to grant that momentary eternity
    to my daughters,
    to let them walk,
    for a brief spell
    unencumbered by mortality
    and taste that vast,


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