Vivian’s View from Here: Sunday Snaps (and an Anniversary!)

Cat on a picnic table

Hello, Peeps and Pets! Vivian K. Perry here, fondly looking back on a memory from Summer 2022. Oh, how I miss the warm days on Perry’s Point! The brilliant sunshine, the butterflies and buttercups, the soft sea breezes and birds aplenty—yes, I know they will all come again, but I can’t wait.

cat on picnic table Perry's Point

The Photo Challenge prompt over at Xingfu Mama is Pull up a Seat.*

Well, a picnic table certainly counts, doesn’t it? Of course it does.

cat on picnic table 2022

I don’t like going outside for very long when it’s cold. So in the meantime, I will endure the long winter by taking lots of naps, with pleasant dreams of long summery days. The good news? The days are getting longer! Do you look forward to summer as much as I do?

Oh! Before I forget, let me share Jennifer’s blogging anniversary. This blog, Jennifer’s Journal, has now entered its twelfth year! Meow and Wow!

blogging anniversary


*Pull Up a Seat Challenge @ XINGFUMAMA.COM

33 thoughts on “Vivian’s View from Here: Sunday Snaps (and an Anniversary!)

  1. Vivian it is always a pleasure to see you again ! Concatulations to your huMom on her blogoversary ! Yes, we are very much looking forward to warmer days !

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  2. Happy Blogging Anniversary, Jennifer! Hope it soon warms up for Vivian so she can explore more along your beautiful coastline again. Days are light until five and bulbs popping up so loving the hint of Spring – but aware February is variable to say the least!

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  3. Meow and wow is right, Vivian. Tell Jennifer congratulations on 12 years–that is quite an accomplishment. You look lovely–like a queen surveying her kingdom. Summer will be here before you know it, so get inside and stay warm for now. 😻

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