September Sky

Indian summer winds blow through the hills,
As the autumn sun shines on your hair;
I will always remember the day that we met,
In that wonderful time of the year.

So, will you dance with me tonight, my love,
Beneath the September sky?
Will you sing with me tonight, my love,
And we’ll waltz for the rest of our lives.

~ excerpt from the song September Sky
by Louise Morrissey

I will never forget the night we met in September of 1994, when “I fell head over heels in LIKE,” and how my whole life changed. Thank you for being you.

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25 thoughts on “September Sky

  1. Jennifer, a beautiful post of your meeting and I love the photos of you both! How wonderful to fall head over heels in LIKE immediately … and what a special build-up to your first date! Yeah to the magic of September skies … and scrabble! πŸ˜€

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    1. So sorry, Annika, for some reason I thought I had already answered your lovely comment. Yes, it was a wonderful time back then, just when I thought the β€œmagic” in my life was a thing of the past. And I believe liking someone first is the best way to fall in love. Getting to know someone first via long conversations was the way to go for me at that time in my life. And yes, Scrabble played a hand in it too. 😊 Thanks so much for your sweet sentiment. πŸ’•

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