Sunday Snap: Worried


Our Maisie was the epitome of worry and concern the other day when she caught a flicker of movement outside the window. Standing on tippy-toes to see over a snowbank, she spied a neighbour’s cat prowling around our property.

Her territorial nature kicked in full force. Her tail puffed up. She hissed and growled. Maisie wanted to go out and drive that puss away, but her mom was not in the mood to referee a catfight that morning.

“The only thing a cat worries about is what’s happening right now.” ~ Lloyd Alexander, American author

11 thoughts on “Sunday Snap: Worried

  1. Even in the midst of protecting her territory, Maisie is the epitome of elegance! 😀 A beautiful stance, more regal than threatening. A superb photo … and I see you still have snow! Hope you’ve have a lovely weekend, Jennifer! Xx

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  2. I love when cats do this: “Get outta my yard or else!!” If I am not quick enough to raise the blinds, mine will climb right through them to see what’s going on outside. Good watch cat, Maisie.

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