Vivian’s View From Here: Look Who Just Turned Twelve

That’s right, peeps! My sister Maisie and I celebrated our 12th birthday on Friday.
Mom is busy with book stuff, so I thought I’d take over the blog today and share a few pics of us to commemorate the event.

Lazy Maisie Sunday
I love my scratching post
Our perpetual kitten
I love this scratching post too!
Enjoying Mom’s lap
That time when Mom forgot to put our dishes back after cleaning the floor.
That time I didn’t give my sister sufficient purchase.
Looking a little peeved here. Maybe because Mom is taking too many pics.

Thanks for visiting us and have a purr-fect week!
Head bumps and sandpaper kisses,
β™₯ Vivian β™₯

40 thoughts on “Vivian’s View From Here: Look Who Just Turned Twelve

  1. You both are gorgeousness in motion. Or mostly, immotion. Ask your mom, but I think there is no such word as “Immotion,” but there should be. You two show how beautiful one can be just by relaxing. Glad your mom is working on her writing – tell her I’ve reviewed Calmer Girls on Goodreads and Amazon because I enjoyed the book so much. She’s great!

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    1. Pam, thank you so much for reviewing Calmer Girls, and thanks for stopping by the blog to visit our precious kitties. Maybe “immobility” is the word here? They have relaxation down pat and often tempt me away from my writing and other stuff, but somehow it all gets done in the end. πŸ™‚
      I think you’d like Calmer Secrets too. Four years later, everyone is much more mature–except for Darlene–and secrets are revealed that pack a punch!

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  2. You certainly addressed a big issue around here. The divas and le monsieur are having great frustration in keeping their blog going. The human typist eagerly types up their stories but all three are camera shy and it just is too difficult. We put out an appeal for blogging felines everywhere to share some of their photos but very few takers… Readers want photos! Joyeux Anniversaire…

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  3. Many Happy Returns girls, you both look as sprightly as kittens πŸ™‚ Oh and can you please tell you Mom that I just finished Calmer Secrets and reviewed it on Good Reads and Amazon UK – another great instalment – I think I enjoyed it just slightly more than the first!

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    1. Mom here!
      Andrea, thank you for your glowing review! I just read it on Goodreads but it isn’t showing up on Amazon UK yet. I guess it will shortly. I so appreciate you supporting my writing. Makes all the work that much more worthwhile. πŸ™‚
      And thanks too for the birthday wishes for my kitties. Have a lovely Sunday. XO


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