“The Flower that Smiles Today”

The flower that smiles to-day

To-morrow dies;

All that we wish to stay

Tempts and then flies.

What is this world’s delight?

Lightning that mocks the night,

Brief even as bright.*


*This is the first stanza of The Flower that Smiles Today by Percy Shelley, one of my favourite poems. Read the entire poem and a brief analysis here.

And a favourite quote:

“Man’s life is brief and transitory, Literature endures forever.”

― Rory Stewart, The Places in Between

Flowers of primary colours: travel theme by wheresmybackpack.com

Photos: jenniferkellandperry.com

25 thoughts on ““The Flower that Smiles Today”

  1. Life is indeed momentaneous, Annika, and yet, framed this elbow room, it helps us to apprise it all the more. gorgeous pictures to match endearing words Jennifer.

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  2. Stunning poem sounds a little like Shakespeare to me I feel like I have heard it or read it somewhere Jennifer and the message is clear life, love and everything is but for a short while. I intend to soak it up and enjoy every moment as do you.

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