A Poem by Vivian

“Man’s Best Friend”


by Vivian K. Perry

DSC_4685My master and I are best buddiesDSC_4686time together we do love to shareDSC_4688I have proven my “dogged” affectionDSC_4689For a cat, I am told, that is rareDSC_4773So it gives me great pleasure to flaunt it,DSC_4775how I’ll follow behind my fine friend,DSC_4779 stay with him as long as I’m needed, then…012…make a bed of his shorts at day’s end.



*Photo credits go to Paul Sautter Jr. – except for the last two 😉

33 thoughts on “A Poem by Vivian

          1. Not at the moment. I’ve had them most of my life, though. Had 3 at one time. My most beloved one passed a few years ago. I’m still not over her! And then we got a dog. I will have a cat again, just haven’t gotten around to it, I guess. You have two, correct?


            1. Oh gosh, you mentioned losing your kitty in a comment before, didn’t you? So sorry, Kelly. Yes I have two, and like you, I’ve had a cat or two around most of my life. Viv, however, is the smartest and most personable one I’ve ever known. She’s going to be extremely hard to say goodbye to (unless I go first lol).

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