Friday Bouquet #18

When I took part in last month’s Daily Post Photo Challenge: Reward, I discovered blogger Karen Anderson, a photographer from Surrey, England.

Expressing My Vision – a Journey into Creativity and Beyond 
is the name of Karen’s blog. In her own words from her About page:

I am an amateur photography enthusiast who enjoys experimenting with different genres in my quest to find my style. I will turn my hand to anything. I do have a few images under licence with Getty Images, I also do photoshoots and wedding photography for family and friends, as well as any other photographs I am asked for. BUT I am not trying to make a living out of photography…I am in it for the love of the art and part of the fun for me is in sharing and learning more.”

Check out the link below to see Karen’s Reward post that caught my eye. In it, she shares photographs of a chance visit by two adorable robins, as well as a fitting poem by Thomas Hardy: The Robin – perfect for our neck of the woods, as we saw our first robin hopping around in the garden just yesterday.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reward
by Expressing My Vision

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Have a great weekend, everyone.