Book Deal!

Who says Friday the 13th has to be unlucky?

Allow me to set the scene. It was late at night, exactly a month ago yesterday. Paul and I arrived home from dinner and a fun evening at our friends’ house, and as we usually do, sat down to watch a little TV before going to bed. Yawning, I opened my iPad and absently checked Facebook, then my email.

And there it was:
a contract offer from a publisher for my coming-of-age novel, Calmer Girls.
I sat there, staring at the screen, stunned for a moment.


I had queried this publisher with a partial months ago. Subsequently, they had expressed an interest, requesting the full manuscript for review. This occurred with another publisher a while back, who ultimately passed on it. As more months flew by, the cautious hope I had held dwindled, and not being the most patient gal, I assumed they were going to reject it as well.

But they didn’t.

giphy (1)
Yes! It’s happening. They actually like my book!

I received the contract.Β After giving it due diligence and negotiating several changes that were important to me, I signed.

My dream was coming true.


My new publisher is an independent, traditional press, and I’m already getting great vibes from them. They are an enthusiastic team, and they seem to be very dedicated to bringing my work to life.

Colour me superstitious, but I would like to keep all other details under wraps for the time being, until I am further along in the process. But I will reveal now that it is a two-book deal: they want first rights to the sequel as well. πŸ™‚

So I am looking ahead to a busy future. While I begin work at the end of the month with my new editor on any revisions or tweaks for the first book, I will also be working on my own to tackle edits on the second. After that, there will be cover artwork and design, and the development and launch of my new author website.

To my fellow writers: have you been contracted by a publishing company yet?
How did you feel when you got the news?
Or have you gone the self-pub route instead?

Has Friday the 13th ever turned out lucky for you?

Please share your experience with me and my readers.

76 thoughts on “Book Deal!

  1. Oh my gosh! That is exciting. I used to dream of being a writer, so I at least have a clue about how awesome this is. And about the huge effort and talent and gumption and imagination that goes it getting this far. Congrats a million and one times.

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  2. Jennifer…I am beyond thrilled for you. I know that this is more about self-validation than outward validation…YOU KNOW YOUR ARE A WRITER…but damn, don’t it feel fine nonetheless to have someone wanting to promote your talent, let alone having someone outright recognize it. I have been reading your blog for quite a bit this past week and you deserve to be heard by a much wider audience. If it puts a few pennies in your pocket along the way, even better. You rock!

    My won blog just passed 112,000 followers a few months back. It has gotten to the point that I was thinking about monetizing it….but then I thought….why am I blogging? It isn’t because I have something to say. It is generally because something that must be said has me to write it. That’s a big distinction for me to arrive at. My book sales on Amazon are modest, but what I enjoy most about writing now-a-days, is meeting fellow writers such as yourself and developing the kinship that only true writers can share.

    To that end, I’ve given this a great deal of thought…but if I can help you on any level…feature excerpts on my blog, help promote your book(s) when they go to print, offer some editing or feedback….feel free to email me. I am NOW a big fan of yours and so thrilled for what lies ahead.

    Best to you, my friend,


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    1. Dennis,

      Welcome and good morning. Your kind words of support have touched me to say the least.
      Wow, you must be doing something right over your way to garner so many followers! If I were you, I think I would take another look at monetizing your blog. As you said, “If it puts a few pennies in your pocket along the way, even better.” πŸ™‚
      Feel free to reblog anything you see here that resonates with you, and when my book becomes published, I would be honoured to include you in a blog hop or do a guest post. I’d greatly appreciate any suggestions you may have on blogging, or writing in general.
      Thanks so much!

      Jennifer x

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    1. Diana, you almost made me cry too when I read your words. I know you are happy for me, because you have been there for me ever since day one! ❀ I just hope my book measures up when the time comes. Thank you, dear friend! ❀


  3. Yay, Jennifer!!! I love all your photos to accommodate your feelings, too! Funny stuff! Oh, I am so happy that I can say, “Jennifer? Oh, yes. I knew her when……” Congrats, my friend. Awesome news!

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    1. Now, Lois, let’s wait and see how it does first, shall we, before you get bragging rights? πŸ˜€
      Seriously, though, I thank you. The support I have gotten on this blog from you and others has been an enormous help in keeping me writing. xo

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  4. Congratulations! This is fabulous news. I am so excited for you that your passion is turning into a wonderful new career. All the best with these next exciting steps when you will see the book in print then watch it soar.

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  5. congratulations from Lead Cove! Denise, I am jealous that you have already read Calmer Girls! Jennifer, you have talked about writing for so long, and I am so glad for you. Friday 13 is certainly a momentous date for you, the same date our newest grandchild was born! Again, CONGRATULATIONS, can’t wait to have a good read.

    Nikki and Harve

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  6. Congrats, dear Jennifer, on your striking a keenly targeted deal. I am so happy for you. As for the trepidation over # 13, it is largely a western fetish, as in Asian countries, 13 is considered to be a lucky number, and Friday the thirteenth even more so. My son was born on a Friday,13th April, and he is doing fabulously well. And the same will happen in your case too…with much love and best wishes your way…xx.

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  7. Wow, Jennifer, this is absolutely fantastic news. Congratulations–you rock! I can’t even imagine how incredible that Friday the 13th was. When I got full manuscript requests from two agents I could hardly sleep. But like you did, I’ve assumed they’ll pass on them–otherwise I still wouldn’t sleep. ❀ Great job.

    Blessings as you edit ~ Wendy ❀

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    1. Thank you so much, Wendy! I admit I had some trepidation at first, until I actually saw the contract, and then the back and forth on a couple of items. But when I finally signed, it was a great feeling.

      You’ll be blogging about your acceptance one day, I predict. Keep on querying! ❀

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