Vivian’s View From Here: Centre of Attention

0121-e1363317083865 (556x450)Good afternoon, all of you precious peeps out there!

Whether you’re of the furry variety of friend or not, welcome back to Jennifer’s Journal. Maisie and I LOVE when you drop by for a visit, and even more so when we are allowed to be front and centre.


Jennifer woke up with a pesky migraine this morning and couldn’t concentrate on writing, so I suggested she relax, look at some pretty pictures of us, and let me do the talking. So here I am.


As many of you already know, my sister and I have enjoyed being the centre of attention in Jennifer’s “animal-loving world” since 2007, when she and our “dad” rescued us as kittens from the pound. Are we spoiled? Nah. How can one be spoiled by too much love?004 (640x358)

And guess what? She hardly misses an opportunity to tell us how she adores being woken up each morning by our soft nudges and warm cuddles, and how much happiness we bring to her life in general.IMG_0189 (640x516)

When she leaves us to go in town for nine or ten days at the end of this week, I know for certain she will miss our fluffy, friendly, purring cuteness more than she’s willing to admit.003 (640x299)

We, on the other hand, will muddle through somehow until she gets back.
At least our “dad” will be here with us most of the time.

IMG_0046 (640x455)

Jennifer will have to make do with these other critters for animal companionship at her daughter’s house…

Can you imagine? Such a profound sacrifice!

Ginger & Nico
Ginger & Nico

Something tells me, however, that she kind of likes that other cat — and stranger still, that big, curly, doggie creature. Go figure. And I’ll bet you dollars to dentabone treats she’s going to smell like him too, when she comes home. (Ugh!)


But that’s par for the course when you own a human who loves all animals, not just her own. She knows we understand. And she knows we will be waiting here with eager purrs and sandpaper smooches when she returns.

Signing off now, so until next time, thanks for reading, everyone!
~ head bumps & nose kisses,

041 (800x415)

“You know, sometimes the world seems like a pretty mean place. That’s why animals are so soft and huggy.” – Bill Watterson

This has been our contribution to Ailsa’s photo theme: Centre
this week’s entry in:weeklypets

Do you ever have to go away and leave your fur babies behind?
Do you miss them when you do?

41 thoughts on “Vivian’s View From Here: Centre of Attention

  1. What a pleasure to see all the adorable photos of you two beauties. We bet too that Jennifer will smell like Nico when she comes home, he is pretty cute and so is Ginger, but you two are most beautiful. We bet she will miss you and you will get lots of lovin’ when she gets back home. Hugs and nose kisses

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  2. Jennifer, Vivian sure nailed it when she said “own humans.” I love your pictures. We have a wall plaque that says “A house is not a home without a cat.” Cats and/or dogs add a cozy ambiance. ❤

    Blessings & healing hugs ~ Wendy ❀

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  3. That was fun, getting to know your cats. I may change my attitudes about felines, thanks to them. You have the same feelings about animals as I do–can’t imagine a world where I don’t adore them.

    Have a great visit to town!

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  4. Viv–I seriously don’t know why the human doesn’t just let you have your own blog. Yes, you are that good! I don’t get the ‘dog’ thing either and the smell…..! You and Maisie try to muddle through without Jennifer. You know she will miss you bunches. Love to you–Teemu, Kitty and Parker.

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    1. Ha ha, Viv is a unique little cat if there ever was one, believe me. She seems to have the attitude of a dog, or even a human herself at times.
      I’m going in town to care for the grandkids while my daughter and son-in-law go on a cruise. Crossing my fingers that everything works out as planned for next spring: a cruise for all of us together. 🙂

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  5. Ah-ha! Last time I was in writing letters mode and was using up my cat and dog cards someone had given me and wondered whether any one would appreciate them, I opened my reader the next day .. and there was a post from you about your cats. Yesterday, and today, the same thing has happened! It must be ESP.
    Love the photos!

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  6. Always happy to see a post from cats. I love them and wish I could have one, but hub’s allergies keep that from happening. I have to make due with my snippets of feline time when I go visit my mother. Her cat is wonderful. Hope the migraine passes soon!

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      1. Glad to hear it! As for the allergies, environmental ones seem to be worse. Not sure about animal ones. But my hubs ends up on an inhaler if he’s near one too long. So no kitties for me. 😦


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