Easter Week with the Kids

This week is a definite departure from the usual routine at our house.
My daughter and her family came to visit on Good Friday, and we had a fun weekend together. Denise and Dave went back to town on Sunday, leaving the children with us for their entire Easter holidays. Here are a few photos.

001 (976x1024)
“Who cares if we have snow for Easter? Perfect for a snowman, by.”
010 (1024x721)
nearly finished
018 (1023x1024)
“We always have fun with our Dad…
…and our Nan.”
skinniest snowman ever
Scrawniest snowman ever!
our boy
our boy
Saturday was alright! Nico had fun too.
Saturday was alright! Nico had fun too.
My beautiful daughter <3 - missing her babies big-time right about now
beautiful daughter ❀ – probably missing the children terribly about now!
First attempt at bunny pancakes
Nanny’s first attempt at bunny pancakes
Just listenin' to my iPod
just listenin’ to my iPad
Pop's treasures
Pop’s treasures
Some love for Vivian
As always, a little love for Vivian is well-received.
Another picture, Nan?
Another picture, Nanny?

Needless to say, my time and energy have been devoted mostly to our little guests.
How was your Easter?

In my next post, I will be sharing some news. Stay tuned!

28 thoughts on “Easter Week with the Kids

  1. I have never made a snowman because it doesn’t snow here, I have seen one a few years back when Tim and I went to the snow for a holiday but that is the closest I have came, lots of smiles there looks like they are having a good time


  2. I see you in your daughter and grand daughter too! Beautiful images by the sea, so clear. My kids would love to build a snowman like that, very cool grandparents. Especially when Nan makes bunny pancakes. Look forward to hearing you news. My easter was filled with kids and family, chocolate and fun by the sea too.

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    1. Oh Kath, it was a lot of fun on Saturday, but it snowed again today, and this wintery weather is really getting old. ha ha – hopefully the weatherman is right saying it’s supposed to warm up next week. Glad to hear your Easter was all about family and fun too. ❀

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  3. The pictures are lovely. What a treat for your grandkids to get to stay with you.I still remember visits to my grandmother, even though it was decades ago. With all the fun you had, I bet they never wanted to leave!

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