The loss of my daughter Kaitlyn by suicide

Rhonda deals with the loss of her beautiful daughter last spring by blogging about it. Heart-wrenching, powerful, and beautifully written, she tells how even those closest to us often keep depression hidden. Please ask for help if this is you.

My Bright Shining Star

On 4-11-13 I lost my beautiful, brilliant 23 year old daughter to suicide due to the illness that she kept from me and all others all her life, depression.  This is the story of my travel down this road of horrendous pain and disbelief, and stories of her wonderfulness as a personImage

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21 thoughts on “The loss of my daughter Kaitlyn by suicide

  1. Jennifer, what a beautiful young lady and mother. As a mother coping and striving to help a depressed teen this brought tears to my eyes. We can’t force people to accept help, and it is hard to find true help; but we press on. It amazes me how different each child is even though they are raised the same. Depression truly is an illness as much as diabetes is one. Thank you for sharing this. Gentle hugs to all grieving parents.

    Blessings ~ Wendy ❀


    1. Yes, Wendy, it broke my heart to read of this blogger’s loss and suffering. She feels a need to blog about it, not only to help others but to help her cope with it as well.

      I am sending warm and hopeful wishes to you for your child. I pray your teen gets help and heals from the oppressive illness – and it is most certainly an illness – that is depression. Please let me know if you need to talk about it more.

      Hugs, Jennifer x


      1. Writing about stressful life events is definitely helpful. Thank you for your cyber hug, Jennifer xo. Because I battled depression as a teen, it helps me to be compassionate towards my child. It is a lonely and painful place for anyone to be in. ☘


        1. It certainly is. I have been there, but for me it is more anxiety than depression. And it is in my family. But even though I am familiar with it, there is only so much you can do to help others with it. Understanding, compassion and patience can go a long way for sure. You sound like a good mom.


          1. So true that even parents are limited in what they can do. We’ve been to several places for help and are still searching for the right answer. Right now the doctor and I are waiting for this child to give the word he is willing to take the next step… I appreciate prayers. x


      1. My thoughts and prayers are with you. HUGS! I have no doubt that you are a great source of comfort for other parents who are living with the loss of their child.
        Diana xo


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