Relaxing…in a Bathrobe?

Both of my cats enjoy grabbing opportunities,
wherever they may find them,
to cozy up and have a luxurious cat nap.

A carelessly dropped bathrobe has become
this morning’s perfect chance location for a purry snooze.

In this case, as in most,
Maisie is the one who finds the sudden bed,
and no sooner does she get nice and comfortable,
but Vivian happens along and surreptitiously joins her sister.

Napping Together Since We Were Babies
Napping Together Since We Were Babies 

This has been my contribution to Ailsa’s Weekly Photo Challenge – Relaxing.

27 thoughts on “Relaxing…in a Bathrobe?

  1. Jennifer Love the cute kitten shot sooooo gorgeous. There is no one better than a couple of cats to teach a girl how to relax. I often find myself saying “Damn! I wish I was a cat and I could sleep all day.” Our three moggies should win an award for the best sloth action about the place. Im a sucker for a good cat story, thanks for sharing yours.


      1. Too true! They are a wonder for my highly anxious boy at night and sleep on his bed and help him stay still when he is restless, me and my husband are both mad kitty kat lovers. Yet I have had to stop him bringing poor little strays home from the dairy as heartbreaking as it is, three is plenty.


        1. Oh, you have three! I wanted another kitten lately but hubby is hesitant, probably because the litter scooping is usually done by him..lately though they’ve been going outdoors more, so I’ll keep working on it.


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