Guest Post: Vivian’s View From Here

I am happy to introduce a guest blogger on Jennifer’s Journal this week.  Please welcome Vivian K. Perry, a very dear friend of mine who also happens to be, um, feline.

Greetings, humans!  I am thrilled to be given this opportunity today on WordPress to share some photos, and a few things about myself.

To be honest,  I think Jennifer is allowing me to host today to make up for shrieking at me last week, when I brought a mouse in the house.  It was a gift, after all, so instead of screaming bloody (mousey) murder, shouldn’t she have been grateful to receive a trophy of my hunting prowess?  Especially since I brought it home to her, and dropped it in the hallway – STILL ALIVE?  You try to do something nice, but you are only misunderstood…

Actually, I enjoy a lovely life here with Jennifer, her husband, and my sister and womb-mate, Maisie.

Up until two summers ago, we all lived in the city.  It was okay, but my sister and I were not allowed outside by ourselves because of all the traffic in our neighbourhood, and the danger to us that it entailed.  So when we moved to the country, imagine our delight to be free to explore the great outdoors!

We can now come and go as we please, chase birds, butterflies and rodents, and savour the lifestyle we had only dreamed about in our former life.

Just last month, Maisie and I celebrated our fifth birthday.  Here is what we looked like when we were adopted from the SPCA:

Gosh, I was cute..

Even though we are sisters, Maisie and I are different in many ways.  (Some people don’t know that kittens from the same litter can have different fathers;  did you?  I think that is what happened with us.)  Maisie is smaller, and very much on the quiet side…

…while I am larger, quite vocal and in-your-face.

I am truly a Social Animal who adores human relationships and have been known to be exceedingly dog-like.  I’ll follow you, talk to you, keep you company, sleep with you, and never, ever let you get lonely.

In fact, the other day, I went next door to visit our neighbour Ben.  I simply walked in, meowed at everyone, ventured upstairs, and enjoyed a nap on his bed.  No invitation necessary!

Many people think that a cat is a cat is a cat.  But I’m here today to dispel that assumption.  I am not aloof.  I don’t scratch, bite or hiss at people.  I can be very friendly with just about anyone.

And even though I do catch mice, and perhaps meow a little too loudly, I am as loyal and loving as any dog.

Just ask Jennifer.

* This blog post was since selected for publication in BBooks – Blog Books, an online magazine!  Check out the link found in the comments below.  🙂

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