A Few Words to my WordPress Family


When I got the idea to start this little blog sixteen months ago, I didn’t fully appreciate what lay in store. For those who haven’t been following my blog since the beginning, my purpose for blogging was to give me incentive to create, and to develop the stick-to-itiveness I would need to tackle the project of writing a novel.

By sharing something regularly, I anticipated Jennifer’s Journal getting some initial feedback from my family and friends, and indeed, that was how it progressed for the first few posts.

But as time went on, I gained other followers. I was thrilled! As many of you did before me, I was claiming a tiny corner in the blogosphere with my words and pictures, and you gave me the inspiration to post every week. Bit by bit, you helped my confidence grow.

What I hadn’t counted on, though, was how a number of my new followers have turned into friends. My WordPress family feels very much like a family, in the way we support one another and appreciate what we as individuals are trying to contribute as we blog. Some connections have even gone beyond our blogs. But whatever the connection, I love this community and value your support. Big Hugs to all of you. 🙂

This brings me to the subject of blog awards. I am always honoured and pleased when someone nominates me for one of these tokens of recognition, and I happily accept it in the spirit in which it is given. However, to blog about them individually can be very time-consuming and repetitious, not only for me but for my readers as well. That is why I am taking the liberty of changing the rules and doing what some others have done: combining accumulated awards in one blog post, dispensing with questions and answers, and giving a shout-out to some of my most recent new followers.

So here goes!

New (to me) Awards:  

Very Inspiring Blogger Awardveryinspiringbloggeraward

nominated by:
–   Solothefirst @ solothefirst
–   exbullet @ my secret diary

WordPress Family Award


nominated by:
–  Kelly @ free little words

 Awards I’ve Received a Second Time:

Versatile Blogger Award

nominated by:
–  Olivia Stocum @ theclaymoreandsurcoat.com

Liebster Award                                    

–  Shaun @ praying for one day

Thank you, everyone!
Readers, I urge you to check out these wonderful blogs.

Here are some of my most recent blogger/followers. Thank you, and welcome aboard. In appreciation, I share the WordPress Family Award with each of you. Respond to it, or not, as you wish. Once again, Readers, I suggest you sample these interesting blogs for yourself.

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