Blogger Bouquet #40

blogger bouquet springAndy1076 over at The Wandering Poet is a prolific blogger, poet, and photographer, and one of my first mutual follows on WordPress ever since 2011. I’ve enjoyed many of his posts as a single dad living in Vancouver. I have no idea why I haven’t thrown him a bouquet sooner. My sincerest apologies, Andy!

Andy speaks of the beauty of nature and finding love – two of my favourite topics – and he captures both exceptionally well in his pictures and in his writing.

From his About page:

Who am I? I am a wandering soul who has finally found his answer after so long. I dedicate all my poetry to the one I deeply love, Glaiza. She has given me more joy and warmth than I have ever known. I hope you will share our journey together.🙂

I chose to share his About page with its short video, The origin of my blog, because it perfectly illustrates what a sweet guy Andy is. Yes, he found his true love through WordPress! How cool is that? Give it a watch, and you just might decide to hit the follow button as well.

A Little About Me

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Have an inspiring weekend, everyone! ❤