Friday Bouquet #11


I’ve been following Elizabeth from Almost Spring nearly as long as I’ve been blogging. She writes eloquently as a woman blindsided when her husband leaves their marriage, and tells how her life is transforming from “We to Me.”

In her own words:

I am a 59-year-old woman surviving the pain of the collapse of my 37 year marriage that occurred suddenly through no choice of my own. I survived the first six months by living in today and enjoying the moments of a glorious summer.

…When that first summer ended, when the days became shorter, the mornings colder and I could see the winter approaching, I began to wonder how I would survive the darkness, the cold, the grey skies and the impending gloom of winter. Then I thought to myself – ‘why?’ It is almost spring… So too with my current life situation.”

I chose one of her posts from last month because it illustrates how far Elizabeth has come on her emotional journey. You might like to follow her too, if you’re in a similar situation. Click on the link below to read about her, and don’t forget to mention Jennifer sent you.

From Trauma to Transformation

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Have a wonderful weekend, everyone.




There is a crimson heart, fragile, rapt

in ribbons of warm velvet devotion; 

it pumps and flows,

this vessel of rich red darkness, 

steeped by experience and translucent scars

etched and carved by the throes of life.

There is a red hot anger that spatters and soaks you – 

but for a moment –

then runs smooth and deep

scarlet as it soothes and cloaks you

and keeps you warm.

There is a woman, your crazy love

with the breakable heart;

listen to her


the bleeding