What comes to your mind when you hear the word connected? For some, the word may conjure a mental image of all the gadgets we have, like our smart phones, computers, etc. that allow us to stay accessible and up-to-date in the digital world. Or it may make you think of being well-connected, in that you have successfully networked with the right people who can further your career or your mission in life.

The most meaningful connections for me, as they are for most, are the ones I make with people in person, especially one-on-one. These attachments are unique and irreplaceable. You know who you are<3. But as much as I treasure the relationships in my personal life, there is a lot to be said for the virtual connections I have made with other bloggers over the past three to four years.



Living in a remote or rural area can make it difficult to find like-minded souls, especially in the writing arena. The blogosphere has been instrumental in solving that dilemma for me. The advice and the inspiration I have received from other bloggers has been nothing short of extraordinary since I started Jennifer’s Journal. A huge thanks to every one of you that I follow. Whether your blog shares writing, art, or photography, I am grateful to have met you through the internet.

Kath Unsworth of Minuscule Moments of Inspiration is one such blogger. Not only does Kath pursue the craft of writing, she is also a gifted artist. Her creativity and dedication to her artistic endeavors have influenced my own aspirations much more than she probably realizes. And because of the internet, it is no matter that she lives on a farm in Australia. Well, actually it does matter; her location adds even more intrigue for me. 🙂

I was lucky enough to win a contest Kath held last year, where my name was drawn to receive a free pet portrait. Here is the result:

viv1 (copy)
Vivian by Kath Unsworth

This summer, I was moved to acquire one of Kath’s original, highly affordable works of art from her newly opened Etsy shop, ScratchyBirdDesigns. Her love of birds speaks to me, so much so I had to have one of them adorning my wall. (Vivian is in my living-room, Willy Wagtail is in my kitchen-dining room.) Isn’t he beautiful?

Willie Wagtail
Willy Wagtail
x 2
x 2

I also purchased her delightful fridge magnet (its slogan fits me to a tee):


Like me, Kath understands the value of virtual connection. You can read about it in her blog post here:

The Magic of Virtual Friendships

You can visit her Etsy shop here:


What does the word “connection” mean to you? 

Are you as grateful as I am,
for the connections you’ve made in the blogosphere?

*special thanks to Orange is the New Black for those gifs 😀

My First “Friday Bouquet”

viv1 (copy)viv1 (copy) (2)

Isn’t she beautiful?

This is a drawing of my cat, Vivian. My blogger friend, Kath Unsworth, of Minuscule Moments, put my name in for a chance to win a pet portrait last month, and I won! She drew Vivian with soft colour pencils and mailed it to me all the way from the Land Down Under.

Kath writes and illustrates children’s picture books. She lives on a dairy farm in Australia with her husband and family. I find her artwork dreamy and magical, perfect qualities for a child’s eyes, or anyone’s, for that matter.

Check out these other selections from her blog.









This marks the beginning of a new category on my blog I call Friday Bouquet. I am excited and look forward to this new adventure. Most Fridays, I will toss a bouquet to deserving bloggers who have caught my attention doing something worthwhile and positive in the blogosphere, and in their lives.

This is not a new idea, as I follow a blogger or two who pay it forward like this (you know who you are 😉 ), and just as they do, I am disabling comments here, in hopes you will visit the blog I spotlight and comment there. Simply click on the link below for a visit and tell her I sent you. Thank you again, Kath! xo

 The Artist in Me by Minuscule Moments