Friday Bouquet #27


Happy Friday, all! Before I introduce this week’s recipient of Friday Bouquet:

Vivian and Maisie would like to extend a sincere and purry “thank you” for all the beautiful comments and well wishes on their 8th Birthday post, from all of their lovely followers both here and on Facebook, as well as the retweet on Twitter. Their mom and dad read, enjoyed, and treasured each and every one. 🙂

Now, on to the bouquet:

Brenda Knowles says her Space2Live blog is a place “where we intentionally reflect on core passions: art, nature,writing, reading, relationships,family, traveling, self-realization and spirituality.”

From her About Me page:

… I am an open listener, introspective, dreamy, expressive and a mom. When I say highly sensitive I don’t mean I cry at the drop of a hat or tremble like a Chihuahua. I’m not even shy. What I mean is, I will sense the moods of the people in a room and be affected. I am an introvert.
…Over-stimulate me (with noise, technology, hurrying, overscheduling, interruptions) and I am going to get overwhelmed and crabby and wish I could handle more. Writing is the perfect outlet.”

As much as I hate labels applied to people, the following post resonated with me. While reading it, I found myself wishing everyone could read it for a better understanding of why introverts and/or highly sensitive people have a need to withdraw at certain times. Maybe then we wouldn’t be described by certain others as “difficult” or “unsociable.” Maybe then we would be accepted for who we actually are, in spite of our differences.

Introverts and Withdrawal: Why We Do It

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If you do, please tell her Jennifer sent you.

Have a terrific weekend, everyone.

It’s a Feline Thing



I am a cat.

I am quiet, domesticated
yet fiercely independent.

I pad silently about my domain
at an easy, unhurried pace.
I seem harmless, affectionate
even submissive as I bask
in a warm patch of sunlight.

sunny day 008

When ego dictates
I mingle happily among people,
eager, impatient, hungry for attention.
Yet most of the time
I am too proud, too aloof to be touched.

I enjoy when they stroke my sleekness,008
pamper me, spoil me as I purr
but my preference for solitude
always wins out.
I like to belong, feel secure in the love of others
and yet will be owned by no one.

And if anyone or anything threatens
my well-being?

A startling transformation will occur.
This quietly domestic, submissive little creature
will turn feral,
will arch, spit, scratch
to defend what she cares about,
with no thought of consequence.
The havoc I wreak
when talons are drawn and teeth are bared
you will not soon forget.
And somehow, no matter how hard the fight or
how far the fall, I land on my feet.
I am a survivor.087Maybe it’s true.
A cat really does have nine lives.


Do you think you have a cat personality?
Or is there another animal you identify with?