Winter’s Glaze

A Chilly Welcome ;)
A Chilly Greeting?

A couple of weeks ago, we weathered yet another “lovely” ice storm. The freezing rain painted every surface with sleet, resulting in slippery walks, treacherous roads, and a thick coat of glittering rime on just about everything. Oh Joy!

140 (1280x721)
Our neighbour’s view of our point of land, with the ocean view lost in the fog beyond

151 (1280x1008)If you’ve never heard about the phenomenon of “ice-fog”, this is what it looks like.

097 (1280x789)
A ghostly mist hangs in the air, glazing everything in a sheet of ice.

I hoped to capture some shots of sunshine on the glitter, but the forecast wasn’t cooperating. Not one to miss an opportunity, however, I headed outside to see what artistry I might find under the heavy grey overcast of gloom.

198 (1280x805)

026 (1194x1280)The scene is still, frozen in windless silence. I find a stalk encased in a shell of ice.

181 (1280x853)174 (1280x779) Abandoned clothespins encapsulated on our summer neighbour’s line.
Who knew they would prove useful for this shutterbug?

172 (918x1280)045 (1280x853)053 (1280x835)

021 (1280x842)

216 (1003x1280)
My Clothesline
120 (1280x848)
A Frozen Bud

076 (1280x852)

Fences are crusted with frost, and icicles trickle in abundance.075 (1280x852)147 (1280x853)118 (1280x853)

108 (1280x852)
A Twig in its Icy Tomb

133 (1280x852)154 (1280x853)160 (1280x967)034 (1280x845)

The fog begins to clear…

036 (1280x835)

 …and the clouds lift a little, allowing a few thin milky rays to shine through.

090 (1280x812)

070 (1280x853)

All at once, everything glows with a sparkly sheen…

027 (1280x708)

…and the “batty catters” take on a cold blue tint at the ocean’s edge.
A wide band of slobby ice meanders in the water near the coastline.

018 (1280x834)
Grass that reminds me of  glass straws

082 (1280x1039)

090 (1280x606)
The opening sky colours our sea blue once again.

So far, we’ve enjoyed countless sunny days and not too much of the white stuff.
But that may be about to change; a winter storm alert is issued for the weekend.

How are you braving the winter?
Are you longing to put this season behind you?
Or are you finding beauty in unexpected places?

Sometimes I’m Still That St. John’s Girl

Downtown St. John's seen from Signal Hill

Sometimes I’m still that St. John’s girl
Bleached blonde by summer’s sun
I look back on tender yesterdays
At all that she has done

The budding artist, in love, she dreamed
Of pretty horses in collage
The magic spun in scrapbooking
Her passionate montage

Remembering the songs, the plays,
Sweet poetry of youth
What fun we had as siblings then
Before we learned the truth

Sometimes I’m still that high-strung lass
Who cries alone at night
The little sixties flower child
Who tried with all her might

To do what was always expected
To pass another test
To get another golden star
That proved she’d done her best

Yet all things pass, the loss profound
We took it on the chin
Supports we took for granted
Have flown upon the wind

But still to love with all your being
A thing of beauty, made
And share it with your childhood peers,
To stand by it, unafraid

And still to wish for little things
No, not to look for praise
But to hear a sibling’s loving voice
On cake and candle days

This is my heart.  I offer it
With passions intertwined,
My gift, bestowed through Mom and Dad,
To those they left behind.