A Cat Pic, Southpaws, and an Abundance of Jennifers

Vivian in her “Summer Happy Place”

Happy Sunday, all!

The above photo was taken by my son’s significant other, Jennifer (yes, another Jennifer, but I’ll return to that topic in a bit).

Vivian was enjoying a catnap in our back garden that day. Some days during summer, she crawls into the wild rosebushes in our garden for naps that can last for hours! She hasn’t got the life, I know. Thinking of the photographer reminded me of something I wanted to share.

Photo by Pexels.com

First, about the southpaws: I am a lefthanded person. I was one of those little girls whose grandmother tried to switch her over to righthandedness, whether I was holding a spoon, fork, crayon or pencil. But I was having none of that. No siree bob. Mom finally convinced my Nanny Lambert that it was useless for her to keep trying.

I was the only lefty in my immediate family. My parents, sister, and brother were all righthanded. But then something interesting happened.

I had: 1 GIRL and 1 BOY

My brother had: 1 BOY

My sister had: 1 BOY and 1 GIRL

Three of those boys, our only sons, were born lefthanded! What are the odds on that?

Now, back to the “Jennifers.”

There are three other Jennifers in my extended family. No, none of them were named after me (shucks).

These other Jennifers are the wives/significant others of mine and my siblings’ three sons! All three couples have been together for years. ❤

Funny how life in all its randomness created such a happenstance. Do you have any strange coincidences in your family? Many southpaws? While thinking on that, have another, more closeup look at our Vivian. Thanks again for the great capture, Jenny!

27 thoughts on “A Cat Pic, Southpaws, and an Abundance of Jennifers

  1. Cutie pie has the life! I am left handed. So is my husband. My parents not. (I inherited it from Grandpa) Hubby’s father was. His sister not. Our kids and my brother are adopted. My daughters husband is a southpaw. I am hoping for a left handed grandchild!

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      1. LOL, not soon. But I am always hopeful!!!! I’m not sure about the lefthandedness. I am very lefthanded. My right hand is pretty useless haha. My grandfather was not what I would call a creative person, although he was very lefthanded. But he was very good at math and analysis. I am also good at logic, analysis, etc., although I am also a creative person who loves books and history and art. So I’m not sure if the handedness factors into personality or not? Oh, another thing my grandfather and I had in common (whether it works with handedness or not, I don’t know) is that we both have/had phenomenal long term memories from our childhoods. We both have/had memories from much earlier than most people and have more memories from the whole childhood period. What about you? Do you think your handedness has something to do with your personality?

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        1. So many things shape us, Luanne, and I would say being a lefty is no exception. Going into music class and having no little half-desk designed for a lefthanded student made me feel “less than”, if you know what I mean. I have several very distinct memories from early childhood, but I thought most folks were like that. I was good at math too, earning me some of my highest marks in school (although English Literature and Biology were my faves).
          And unlike you, as a kid I preferred to use (and still do when I get a chance) a baseball bat and hockey stick like a right-handed person. Weird, huh!? 🙂

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          1. I know people who play sports with the “other” hand. My son is right handed, but played ball as a leftie because it was stronger when he was a kid. Strange that they know so little about handedness!

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  2. A fun post, Jennifer. As it happens, one of my former co-workers and a good friend here in Atlanta, is named Jennifer Perry. When I first started getting emails from you, I thought it was her!

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  3. My daughter is lefthanded as were both of my parents. It usually skips a generation. I always said she was a unique person. Most left-handed folks are very creative as she certainly is.

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  4. My younger son is left-handed. The only one as far back as we can tell on both sides of the family. The only one with blue eyes, too. Oh, the jokes we heard about that!

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